5 Great Software Solutions You Might Use After Dispatch Training

If you’re planning to pursue a career in dispatching, prepare for an interesting, dynamic occupation that affords you the opportunity to challenge yourself and use your strategic skills each day. A job in this sector is complex since you must juggle many moving parts, such as scheduling, route planning, monitoring logs, managing emergencies, and more. Fortunately, there are countless software solutions tailored to all of your dispatching needs. These needs can vary from company to company based on factors like size, services offered, and clientele. Here are some of the industry’s most reliable and effective software solutions.

1. OnFleet is a Common Go-To For Efficient Deliveries 

OnFleet is a trusted last-mile delivery platform that prioritizes simplicity throughout the dispatching process, from route planning to delivery, using a simple, intuitive dashboard. OnFleet’s features facilitate customer satisfaction with proof of delivery requirements, such as barcodes, photos, signatures, and notes built into the software. Keeping customers informed on the status of their deliveries contributes to a positive customer experience, which is an essential part of your career success after dispatch training.

2. Connecteam for Driver Management and Communication

Connecteam is designed to streamline driver management, such as by using the efficient employee scheduling function, which allows dispatchers to assign routes based on a specific set of requirements. This feature enables you to provide drivers with relevant information about their shifts, like timing, address, and special instructions. In addition, dispatchers can send notifications and reminders to drivers. You’ll also get notified when drivers complete tasks, check in late and accept or reject a shift. Additionally, advanced chat groups and channels make it easier to enjoy clear communication with your drivers and managers. 

Use software to stay in touch with drivers after dispatch training.

3. Stay on Top of Compliance and Safety After Dispatch Training With Samsara

Samsara prioritizes driver safety, compliance, and loss prevention. It utilizes AI dash cams that capture incidents, helping to exonerate drivers when necessary. In addition, safety reports, environmental monitors, and an all-in-one driver app improves the safety and general experience for drivers. With real-time HOS (hours of service) visibility, you can avoid HOS violations and keep logistics companies compliant after automotive school

4. Increase Revenue With TruckingOffice

Being able to help transportation companies maintain a healthy cash flow will make you a valuable asset to any team you join after training. TruckingOffice helps trucking companies to increase their revenue by helping keep all of their information in one place, allowing them to make more informed decisions and get the most profit from each load. TruckingOffice also streamlines the invoicing process to ensure that your company gets paid promptly. In addition, you can take advantage of the QuickBooks integration that allows you to track time, manage payroll, and stay on top of business expenses.

Increase revenue after automotive school by streamlining workflows and making informed monetary decisions.

5. Increase Visibility With Trimble 

Trimble simplifies logistics business processes by increasing visibility. Your daily dispatching tasks are simplified when you have access to all of the information you need in one place. Get real-time tracking information on drivers and their timing. Trimble also facilitates the sharing of crucial load data with everyone in the supply chain, including carriers, brokers, and shippers, to increase unity and, in effect, improve efficiency and profit. 

When you begin dispatching training at ATC Cambridge, you’ll receive comprehensive training on using industry-specific software, planning routes, scheduling drivers, and much more. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of these impressive, capable software solutions.

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