5 FAQs to Expect From New Customers Throughout Your Auto Repair Career

Mechanic in his workshop
An auto repair career means you’ll likely hear variations of the following five questions

Taking a car to be repaired only happens if the car’s been in an accident or is somehow functioning sub-optimally, which is why many people have a lot of questions for the auto mechanic about the repair process. Their questions all come from a good place; they’re understandably shaken by what’s happened to their car, which they use in their daily lives to get them to and from work, home, and everywhere in between.

If you’re interested in an auto repair career, you should check out these five frequently asked questions to get a sense of what you’ll be dealing with when new customers come in.

1. If You’ve Taken Auto Repair Courses, You’ll Often be Asked “What is the Problem?”

Cars are only brought in when something has gone wrong or the driver feels there’s a problem somewhere. So naturally, the first question usually asked by these new customers is a simple “what’s the problem?” They ask because they are curious to know what happened; what made that strange noise, what made the frame of the car rattle, why the steering isn’t as tight as it used to be. Luckily, it is a relatively simple question to answer once you take a look and test the functionality of the car.

Auto repair courses student at shop
Taking auto repair courses teaches you how to assess damage and carry out the repairs

2. Car Owners Will Often Ask for a Detailed Estimate so They Know the Total Cost

As students in auto repair courses could tell you, the price for repairs can get pretty expensive. This is because there are multiple elements that need to be taken into account, from ordering and shipping necessary parts to paying for the actual labour. As such, another frequently asked question that mechanics will encounter from new customers is a simple “How much will this cost?” Other times, customers might ask for a more detailed estimate, but both questions have the same answer, which is the total cost of the repair.

3. An Auto Repair Career Means You’ll Be Asked “How Long Will It Take to Fix?”

Another common question from customers getting their cars repaired for the first time regards the length of time it’ll take before the car is up and running again. In other words, “how long will it take to fix?” It is important to provide as honest an answer as possible, even if it’s something that the customer won’t want to hear. Sometimes parts need to be shipped from different continents and sometimes unexpected delays can happen, but being forthcoming is essential to providing a satisfying answer to the question.

4. Another Very Common Question: “Is This an Immediate Problem?”

If you’re interested in an auto repair career, chances are you know why some people consider their cars vital to their everyday life. In terms of transportation, many people find them irreplaceable, so much so that some customers might delay repairs because they need access to their car. This question—“Is this an immediate problem?”—is a question asked pretty often by new customers.

5. Auto Repair Courses Will Prepare You to Estimate When a Car Must Return to the Shop

Even if a car comes into the shop for the first time, it is unavoidable that they’ll be back eventually. This is because cars need routine checkups. They receive oil changes, brakes can be tightened, and everything can be fine-tuned. This leads us into a fifth common question asked by new customers: “When will I have to bring my car back?” Having a definite answer for the customer is a strong way to calm their nerves and assure them that their car is fine, safe, and secure to drive.

Auto mechanic and customer
Answering these questions helps the customer feel secure that they made the right choice

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