5 FAQs You Might Have About ATC’s Online Auto Mechanic Training Course

Over the past few weeks, many people have had to change their routines and schedules to work or learn from home. Some are considering career changes, or want to learn something new. If you have been thinking about training to become an auto mechanic, there are flexible, e-learning options available to you now.

Of course, you might be wondering a few things about how the courses work. Keep reading for answers to a few frequently asked questions about our online courses.

1. When Do Classes Start?

The answer to this question is a question: when do you want to start? If you are interested in taking online mechanic courses, you can begin classes any time. Automotive Training Centres (ATC) uses an e-learning platform instead of textbooks, and you can sign in to start as soon as you are admitted to the course.

2. What Will I Need to Do the Classes?

If you’re reading this FAQ, it’s likely you have one of the most important requirements to do our online classes: a stable internet connection. You will also need a working laptop or desktop computer to use the e-learning platform. Plus, we wrote up this handy guide with a more detailed answer to this question. Otherwise, when you are doing auto mechanic training, an interest in cars is pretty essential, too!

An internet connection and a passion for cars will take you a long way!

3. Are There Instructors Available?

For more than 25 years, ATC has offered students experienced and enthusiastic instructors, and this hasn’t changed with our online programs, which are instructor-led. If you are working at your own pace, our online programs also offers extensive email support so that if you need advice about something you’re working on, our experienced and friendly instructors will answer you. 

4. Do You Have Any Advice for Learning at Home?

We acknowledge that it may be a little challenging to work and study from home, especially in these uncertain times. But we believe it’s possible and we are ready to support you as you pursue a career as an auto mechanic. Here are a few things that will help you prepare to learn at home:

  • Try to set up a routine: it might be helpful to treat the class as you would if you were going to the shop. Set a time and days you want to show up and try to stick to your schedule as best you can.
  • Ask questions: if you’re not sure about something, just ask! It can be really satisfying to figure things out yourself, but our instructors are here to help you learn.
  • Set goals: You can keep your long-term goal in mind as you study, but you can also set daily or weekly goals to help motivate yourself. 

Want a little more advice? Here are a few more tips!

Routines and habits can help keep you on track

5. What Will I Learn?

The short answer is: a lot! Our e-learning platform is game-based, interactive, and comprehensive. The outline of our online auto mechanics courses includes modules that you would cover in the shop—from gas engine and fuel systems to brake systems to steering, emissions tuning, and more. We also have a free information kit you can get by request.

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