5 Cars That Will Become Obsolete after 2015

As years go by, automakers often change the look of their cars and add or remove the occasional feature. Sometimes though, they halt production of a particular model altogether. There are several reasons why cars get pulled off the assembly line, including low sales or an out-of-fashion body style. When Ford took the Taurus out of production in 2007, they said that its platform had become obsolete, which made future upgrades uneconomical.

For car enthusiasts, seeing cars go can be a sad occasion. For aspiring auto mechanics, cars getting pulled out of production can also be an exciting time, since it usually means that car companies will be offering up something even better the following year.

Read on to find out about a few vehicles we won’t be seeing after 2015.

Dodge Grand Caravan: Ending an Automotive Legacy

This model being discontinued might come as a shock if you’re looking to enroll in car sales training. The Grand Caravan has had a major place in the minivan market for decades. After the Chrysler Group’s merger with Fiat this year, the company announced the Chrysler Town & Country as the Caravan’s only replacement. That being said, the Italian company has big plans for the Town & Country, including an all-new plug-in hybrid version.

Honda Insight: Lost the Hybrid Race to the Prius

It may have tried, but the Honda Insight wasn’t able to keep up with the popularity of the Toyota Prius. The Prius offers better cost, fuel efficiency, and versatility than the Insight, and Honda is finally throwing in the towel after years of struggling to compete in the Prius’ shadow.

Acura TL and TSX: Making Room for the Future

Surprisingly enough, Acura’s two leading sedans are being discontinued. In recent years, the company has mostly focused on SUVs due to high market demand, and seemed to put sedans on the back burner. Students looking to become a mechanic will be happy to know that the TL and TSX are being swept off the table and replaced by a sleek new sedan, the TLX.

2016 will be a good year for Acura fans, as the company will also be re-releasing the famous NSX.

Jaguar XK: Passing the Automotive Torch

There’s a pretty simple reason why Jaguar decided to halt production on the XK coupe and convertible after 2015: they have other things to do. A Jaguar executive actually told Automotive News:”We have other things that we need to spend our time and money on.”

The decision makes sense; the Jaguar F-Type is on the market now and receiving critical acclaim. In 2016, the company predicts big numbers for the F-Type, which doesn’t really leave much room for another performance grand touring car in their line-up.

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet: When Automotive Crossovers Go Bad

This is one of those models that leaves consumers and auto technicians wondering what the automaker was thinking when they designed it. A convertible SUV makes for a vehicle that’s too big and bulky to enjoy as a convertible, and lacks the utility and practicality of an SUV.

As Nissan prepares for a new generation of SUVs in 2016, they’re letting go of the CrossCabriolet.

Are any of your favourite car models being discontinued this year? 

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