These 5 Cars Will be Discontinued When You Start Your 2016 Automotive Career

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The Dodge Durango will be no more in 2016.

Nothing lasts forever in the car world, and 2016 will see a number of recognizable vehicles join that great auto-shop in the sky. There are various reasons cars become discontinued. Some are failed experiments, valiant attempts to offer something new which didn’t come off. Others are simply poorly designed, and probably should never have gone into production in the first place. However, some will be missed more than others, and often discontinued autos are perfectly good cars that were just poorly marketed, or victims of corporate branding reshuffles.

If you’re currently studying to work in the auto industry, these cars will all have ended their careers by the time you start yours. However, you can keep your eyes peeled for these fallen heroes in the used car lots and classic custom shops of the future.

Dodge Durango: Are U.S. Automotive Giants Making a Mistake?

Recently redesigned and boasting good sales figures, it’s difficult to see the reasoning behind Dodge’s axing of the Durango from its 2016 lineup, especially given its lack of SUVs. One reason might be its poor fuel economy, with its powerful 360hp V8 engine offering just 16.8 l/100km in the city, but overall this was a well-designed, popular machine.

Honda Fit EV: Japanese Automotive Execs Pull The Plug On Electric Model

Electric cars often divide opinions at automotive colleges, but the Fit EV was more highly regarded than most. Its FCX Clarity fuel-cell motor was capable of a respectable 123hp, and as the battery pack was mounted underneath the car, it was also far more spacious than most electric vehicles.  Since it was only ever available for lease, there is still a chance it will return in the future, as Honda assesses the viability of mass production.

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The Honda Fit EV may be still return in the future.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon: A Forgotten Gem For Any Automotive Technician

With a 556hp, 6.2L V8 engine and superior Magnetic Ride Control handling, yet still boasting 58 cubic feet of cargo space, the CTS-V wagon was a combination of size and performance that would impress any automotive technician.

Sadly, despite CTS-Vs undergoing an impressive redesign for 2014, sales in the wagon model were disappointing, and it has been dropped from Cadillac’s lineup. On the plus side, knowledgeable auto enthusiasts can hope to pick up a bargain on the used car market in the coming years.

Nissan Cube: Why It’s Not Hip To Be Square In Automotive Design

Nissan is a company that’s not afraid to take risks, and the Cube was a big one.  The compact hatchback’s bizarre box-like design certainly stood out, and appealed to enough people to keep it in production for six years, but it was also going to be a niche market.  Poor fuel economy, occasional reliability problems and a slow four-cylinder engine didn’t help, and slow sales have led to Nissan to abandoning production.

Jaguar XK: One Car Any Auto Technician Will Be Sorry To See Go

A luxury GT that gave Jaguar new life during a tough mid-90s period, it will be sad to see the end of the XK. During its glory years, editions of the series such as the XKR-S boasted top speeds of 300km/h and acceleration of 0-100km in 4.4 seconds, but the recent success of Jaguar’s F-Type has left the XK forgotten. To mark the end of the series, Jaguar produced a special line of the ‘final fifty’ XKR models with commemorative plates.

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The Jaguar XK is being discontinued as the automaker focuses on the F-type.

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