5 New Car Companies To Watch Out For in 2016

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The majority of cars In North America are produced by the “Big Three” automakers—General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Of course, foreign companies like Toyota and Honda are always competing for a podium spot, but have yet to surpass the popularity of American-made vehicles.

When it comes to sports cars and electric cars however, it’s a whole new game. While the Big Three tend to produce everyday family vehicles, independent companies are creating products that cater to niche markets. From electric sports cars to supercars with record-breaking horsepower, check out what these five new car companies will be bringing to the table in 2016.

Rimac Automobili

It’s hard to imagine that the world’s fastest electric vehicle was produced by a single man with the hobby of fixing cars, but that’s the true story behind Rimac Automobili. Originating in Croatia, the Rimac company is keeping it simple with only one original vehicle—the Concept 1. This sporty red electric supercar produces a shocking 1088 horsepower, and has 600km of range from one battery charge! The company has already had eight customers, who were apparently willing to dish out the $1 million for this one of a kind vehicle.

Take a look at the Concept 1 in action here:

SABA Motors

California-based start-up SABA Motors is another new auto company that is trying to break into the electric car market. Their bright yellow Carbon Zero roadster model, which mechanic college students might remember from the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, has a range of about 225km and can go from 0-100km in 5 seconds. Some say that SABA is the closest competitor to Tesla in terms of offering affordable, everyday electric vehicles.

Take a look at the Carbon Zero here:

Venturi Automobiles

While the French are not as renowned as Italy or Great Britain for their automobiles, they’ve been known to produce some fantastic models over the years. Venturi is an up-and-coming company from France, whose production efforts focus mainly on luxury electric cars. So far they’ve produced the Fétish, the first electric production sports car in the world, and the Eclectic, a low-speed solar powered car.

Check out the unique Venturi Eclectic here:


Shelby Supercars

Shelby is one of the few new automobile companies not trying to break into the electric market. Their newest vehicle, the SSC Tuatara, is a concept supercar with the incredible ability to ramp up 1700 horsepower (with emission controls removed). Of course, it’s uncertain whether a car with that magnitude of power would ever become street legal—so don’t get your hopes up on seeing the SSC anytime during your automotive technician career!

Lightning Car Company

Move aside Aston Martin, it looks like there’s another speedy yet classy car coming to town. The Lightning Car Company produces high-performance electric sports cars that run off an innovative quick-charging lithium-titanate battery, and have an impressive range of approximately 240km per charge. The auto company recently stated that after years of setbacks, their Lightning GT car will finally be released in 2015.

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