5 Brushes Commonly Used in Professional Automotive Detailing

professional automotive detailing

Every professional auto detailer knows that in order to do a good and thorough cleaning of a client’s vehicle you need to have a good set of brushes. In fact, detailers have brushes for everything, from cleaning air vents to scrubbing the stains out of upholstery.

Detailers use a variety of different brushes, such as drill powered brushes and microfiber mops to really get out all that nasty dirt and grime on a car’s exterior and interior. Here’s a look at five brushes that professional automotive detailers use every day, what they’re used for, and why they’re important to have. Read on to learn more!

1. Woolie Brushes for Wheels and Air Vents

Woolie brushes come in all shapes and sizes and they’re just perfect for getting deep inside tight spaces to lift out dirt and residue. Wheel woollies are mainly used to clean the inner and outer surfaces of a vehicle’s rims. They’re also perfect for getting in between those tight spaces near brake disks and calipers to remove dirt and brake dust.

Woolies are also ideal for cleaning out car vents because of their ability to slip easily in between slots to get at those hard-to-reach spaces. Another reason that woollie brushes are so commonly used by professional auto detailers is that they’re super soft, minimizing the risk of scratching or damaging the surfaces and internal components of the vehicle.

2. Small Detailing Brushes for Steering Wheels, Car Emblems, and Seat Pleats

When it comes to getting into the crevices of seats and cleaning steering wheels with stitching, grads of professional automotive detailing courses opt for small detailing brushes. Small detailing brushes can be made of nylon or horsehair and have special grips that make using them easy and comfortable. Professional auto detailers can use these brushes on exterior surfaces as well to remove hard-to-reach dirt around a car emblem, the spaces between doors, and even the dashboard. New auto detailers can rest easy using detailing brushes made from horsehair, as many of them won’t scratch up a car’s paint job.

Small detailing brushes like these make for essential cleaning tools
Small detailing brushes like these make for essential cleaning tools

3. Pros with Auto Detailing Training Rely on Easy-to-Use Carpet and Upholstery Brushes

Carpet and upholstery brushes are must haves for any professional auto detailer because of how they can be used on any number of vinyl surfaces inside of a car. Many of these brushes come with an easy-to-use handle, allowing detailers to better manipulate the brush and exercise a little more power when scrubbing out some of those more tenacious stains from seats, carpets, and the headliner.

4. Drill Brushes Are Excellent for Upholstery and Tire Treads

Drill brushes offer handling similar to that of a handheld power drill. As graduates of auto detailing training know, these brushes work by rotating circular brush heads with incredibly strong bristles that lift and scrub away grease, loose gravel, and muck from inside the treads of tires. Professional auto detailers can also select from other medium- and light-duty drill brushes that can help to clean car mats and carpeting, as well as delicate vinyl and leather surfaces.

5. Grill and Body Brushes Complete an Auto Detailer’s Essential Toolkit

Many grill and body brushes are made with comfortable and easy-to-use handles that prevent slipping when used, and may also have a rubber head to avoid scuffing a car’s exterior. They can also be made with soft nylon bristles that give the brush the ability to scrub away caked-on dirt from exterior surfaces without causing any damage. These brushes are great for getting in between the mesh and wire netting of car grilles to pull out all the dust and debris that gets trapped there.

Are you ready to give these brushes a try as a professional auto detailer?

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