The 5 Most Beautiful Cars of 2014

While we all like to think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to vehicles, there’s no arguing that a gorgeous, well-constructed machine is going to turn heads. If you’ve worked in automotive careers in Toronto, this should come as no surprise to you. People really take notice of a truly beautiful car, and that’s why auto manufacturers have been so tireless in their quest to develop the most visually stunning products they possibly can. That’s why, in celebration of a new year and whole new fleet of gorgeous vehicles hitting the streets and sales lots, we’ve rounded up the five most stunning cars you can look forward to seeing in 2014.

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The Corvette Stingray has long been a champion of sleek design, and even sleeker performance, and this year’s Stingray Z07 is certainly no exception. With enlarged wheels and an almost bulging hood, this year’s Z07 looks different than the company’s previous offerings, but it’s definitely an improvement. With a beautiful and aerodynamically curvaceous body and even more stunning V8 engine with a jaw-dropping 600 horsepower, it’s sure to turn the heads of gearheads, like those taking mechanic courses in Toronto.

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Lamborghini, never one to be outdone in the realm of style, has unveiled their new sports car, the Veneno Roadster, and it is gorgeous. With racing influenced aerodynamics and an open-air cockpit, this Roadster will not only have you feeling like a Formula One driver, but you’ll look great doing it, too. Never one to prefer beauty over brawn, the Veneno Roadster packs an intense 6.5 liter V12 and is capable of rocketing down the road at a top speed of 220 mph. Seems a bit more intense than automotive training in Toronto, huh?

Maserati is turning heads this year with their new Ghibli model, a car that’s shockingly beautiful for a four-door. With incredibly stylish exterior, and a gorgeous and spacious interior, it’s too bad that this poster car for unimaginable beauty is more than most of us will ever be able to afford. But, like unrequited love, we can dream.

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With its beefed-up performance hybrid engine and sleek, yet aggressive curves, the 2014 Porche 918 Spyder is somewhat of a revolutionary car. While resting on the beautiful designs of previous models, it goes just a bit further, integrating some borderline space-age curves and bends, all the while retaining the sleek, iconic look of a Porsche.

Lastly, like an out-of-reach star, the McLaren P1 is an awe-inspiring, seemingly unreachable beauty. Priced at well over a million dollars, this concept racing car is so immensely immaculate that the knowledge that possessing it is almost impossible just makes it that much more desirable. From some angles it resembles a high-tech spacecraft more than a car, and if this is any indication of what’s going to trickle down from performance cars into the regular breed, we couldn’t be happier.

So whether it’s class and style or insurmountable, unattainable beauty, 2014 has you covered with some of the best vehicular eye candy money can buy, or at least that you can look at.

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