5 Best 2015 SuperBowl Car Ads

5 Best 2015 SuperBowl Car Ads

The SuperBowl is a must-see for any car lover, whether you’re looking for an auto career selling vehicles or taking auto mechanic courses in hopes of someday working on luxury brands in an auto shop. The past decade has proven that advertising during this huge football event garners almost as much audience attraction as the game itself. These time slots are where car companies put their best and most creative foot forward. Not only do we get to see what models will be released in the new year, but also what vehicles are currently trending.

Moreover, the ads are also largely entertaining. Everyone from students in mechanic colleges to regular home viewers are enthralled by auto ads at the SuperBowl, and sometimes tune in just to see these action-intense, celebrity dotted vignettes. For those of you who missed the SuperBowl, or just need a recap, here’s a look at the top five auto advertisements from this year’s bunch:

Chevrolet’s SuperBowl Blackout

One of the most clever advertising ideas this year was also one of the most potentially frightening for SuperBowl fans. The ad was brilliantly placed by Chevrolet, just before kickoff. It started off with what looked like a live shot of the University of Phoenix Stadium where the game was being played, then the screen went dark:

Once people realized they weren’t going to have to scramble to find another way to watch the game, they were probably relieved to see the 2015 Chevy Colorado. Will that make them more inclined to buy one? Time will tell.

The Tortoise and the Hare and a New Mercedez

Mercedez-Benz went classic for their ad this year – classic fables that is. In this high production value ad, Mercedes-Benz retold the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, but this time with the slow and steady turtle winning the race with a bit of help from the automaker:

Kia Sorento, James Bond and a Moose

Pierce Brosnan may not be the latest actor to portray James Bond, but this former 007 can’t seem to get the secret agent out of his system. That’s the premise of this ad for the new Kia Sorento, a car that is apparently just as effective dodging armoured vehicles as it is moose:

BMW i3 is Basically the Internet

Back in 1994, journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric demonstrated on air that they had no concept of how this new fandangle thing the internet worked. Fast forward just over 20 years and now it looks like there’s something else they’re not understanding, BMW’s i3:

We believe the high-tech, forward-thinking electric BMW i3 will see some heavy sales in 2015.

Fiat’s Little Blue Pill

In more traditional SuperBowl form, Fiatt decided to market the new 500X with two established traditions of SuperBowl ads, humour and highly suggestive innuendo. It seems that the automaker intended for a return to their roots, framing the Fiat 500x in the beautiful backdrop of traditional Italy.

What was your favourite SuperBowl car advertisement?


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