4 Work Environments to Explore as an Auto Body Technician 

There are many moving parts involved in running a successful auto shop. This means that as an aspiring auto body technician, there are many roles and work environments to choose from throughout the course of your career. What’s more, once you start working in the field, you’ll come across many opportunities to switch gears if you find yourself in need of a change. Let’s explore four great work environments for you to consider as you embark on your career.

1. Try Being a Mobile Auto Body Technician 

If you want to start an auto body business of your own after auto body training, but are concerned about start-up capital, taking your services on the road is an excellent idea. Instead of buying or renting a shop, you can purchase a sturdy van and equip it with all the necessary tools to repair and detail your clients’ vehicles. This can be a fun, affordable, and easily scalable way to start an automotive business. 

Want to start a low-cost business as an auto body technician? Try starting a mobile service.

2. Manage an Auto Body Shop From the Office

If you love cars but notice that you really shine on the administrative side of things, try a managerial position at an auto body shop. In these roles, much of your work will take place in the office. There you’ll be the liaison between the customer and the auto body technician. Your role could involve booking appointments, bookkeeping, tracking shop performance, writing estimates, ordering supplies, managing production, and helping customers. Excellent organization, communication, and customer service skills are vital to your success in a role like this. 

3. Become a Salesperson

Are you a people person? Do you like the idea of making sure customers leave with the perfect automotive solution for their unique situations? Helping customers by selling them the right auto parts or refurbished vehicles might be very rewarding for you. Whether you’re working in a parts shop or a car dealership, a sales role will require you to be service oriented, very knowledgeable about different vehicles, and quick-thinking. Effective salespeople in an auto body shop know how to deliver solutions in a friendly, informative, and clear manner to provide value for customers. Your role will involve helping customers find the parts or equipment they need, processing payments, taking orders over the phone, and setting up merchandise for display. 

4. Enjoy Variety as an Auto Body Shop Owner 

Do all of these work environments sound appealing to you? In an ideal world, do you see yourself taking on a little bit of each? If so, you might have what it takes to own your own body shop. In this work environment, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of roles including ensuring that all work is completed up to the industry standard, reviewing estimates, managing your team, providing customer service, and much more. Before you pursue any of these exciting paths, you’ll want to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you need to provide excellent service to your future clients. 

As an auto body technician with your own shop, you can enjoy working in a variety of stimulating environments.

Our Auto Body and Refinishing Prep Technician Course will put you on the path to working in any of the roles discussed above. As the automotive industry gets more specialized, professionals in the field need to make sure their skills comply with industry standards. Our Auto Body and Refinishing Prep Technician Course will put you on the path to working in any of the roles discussed above, through expert instruction, hands-on work, and specialized lesson plans. 

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