4 Ways Experienced Instructors Make All The Difference in Auto Mechanic Training

Think back to your days in primary and secondary school. Have you ever noticed the difference between the nervous new teacher and the seasoned teacher who has been working at your school for decades? Chances are, the quality of education improved when a teacher was very experienced. Better yet, when teachers have real-world experience in the subject you’re learning, there are plenty of benefits in store. 

If you’re thinking of pursuing an auto mechanic career, the quality of teaching you receive is very important. There are many specialized skills involved in the role, so you want to be fully prepared for the workforce. Here are four reasons why experienced instructors like those at ATC Cambridge are crucial to the advancement of your career. 

1. Auto Mechanic Instructors Get Better at Teaching With Time

Just like anything else, teaching takes practice and as instructors become more experienced, they get better at imparting knowledge to their students. After all, being an accomplished auto mechanic in the workplace involves a completely different set of skills than teaching a class does. The instructors here at ATC Cambridge combine these two areas of expertise since they’ve all had the time to develop their professionalism and hone their teaching skills. 

2. Seasoned Instructors Add Context to Coursework With Careers in the Auto Industry

No matter how much valuable information you receive in class, it’s difficult to put the information to good use without context. With an instructor who has gained real-world work experience, your auto mechanic training will be enriched with context and adequately prepare you for the workforce. They will likely be able to tell you stories about how they’ve handled common challenges in the auto shop or guide you through practical labs in a way that mimics real-life scenarios. 

The insight from an experienced instructor in auto mechanic training will prepare you for the workforce.

3. Experienced Instructors Understand the Struggles of Their Students 

In addition to their understanding of careers in the auto industry, experienced instructors understand the challenges you’ll face as your career advances. Because of this, they will be well equipped to provide you with the support you’ll need in and out of the classroom. A seasoned instructor keeps the lines of communication open and intuits the needs of their students to ensure that each one is in the right mindset for learning. 

An experienced instructor can guide you through challenges in auto mechanic training.

4. An Experienced Instructor Will Help You Reach Your Full Potential 

When you attend auto mechanic school with us, you can expect to be taught by instructors that care about your success and provide you with the tools to get there. Our small classes are designed to ensure that each student receives highly individualized training which involves 40% classroom theory and 60% hands-on practice. We are confident that thanks to our experienced instructors, you will leave our automotive service programs fully equipped to start a successful career. Learn the ins and outs of the automotive industry, preventive maintenance, how to service multiple automotive systems, and much more! 

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