4 Ways Auto Detailing Can Help Your Client’s Car Last Longer


A great selling point for auto detailing services is that maintaining cars is the easiest way to save money when it comes to the automotive world. It may cost a little in the short term, but it will save a lot in the long term. Proper maintenance and upkeep on cars is a steadfast way to ensure their longevity.

Continue reading to find out the four cool ways that auto detailing makes cars last longer.

1. Pros in Automotive Careers Know the Importance of Good Tires

Wheels connect your clients to the road and are especially important to maintaining a car’s overall health. Everything in a car is affected from the bottom up. When your client’s tires are worn, or have uneven wear (for example, if they are worn on the right side of the tires more than the left), this can affect the fuel economy and even the suspension of the car, leading to more problems down the road. New tires don’t just provide better grip, they provide a better to function upon. When you are auto detailing, make sure to check your clients’ tires and advise them if you think they need to be changed.

When auto detailing rims and tires, check how worn the tires are and advise your client
When detailing rims and tires, check how worn the tires are and advise your client

2. Auto Detailing Professionals Should Check the Engine Air Filter for Clients

If you’re detailing an engine take a peek at the air filter that is housed there. The air filter protects against debris and dust making their way into the engine when the engine is taking in air. If detailing an engine, take the filter out of the air box to give it a once over to make sure that your client’s engine is breathing quality air and recommend they get it changed if not. Changing the air filter regularly can save your client lots of trouble down the line and can help cars last a long time.

Check your client’s air filter for them if you're doing some engine detailing work
Check your client’s air filter for them if you’re doing some engine detailing work

3. Auto Detailing Training Comes In Handy When Making Cars Last

Washing and detailing a car can improve its shelf life by a huge amount. The car’s exterior goes through a lot, getting hit with bugs, debris, rocks, and all sorts of other stuff that is hazardous to the car’s paint. Also, Canadian cars have to deal with the salt of the winter season. A car’s paint can make or break the value of a car, so make sure to advise your clients about how important it is to get a car detailed by professionals with auto detailing training once in a while for the sake of the paint and value of the car.

Pay close attention to your client's paint, as poor paint can lead to the downfall of a car
Pay close attention to your client’s paint, as poor paint can lead to the downfall of a car

4. Auto Detailing Pros Recommend Adding a Bug Deflector for Better Car Life

Sometimes a car’s paint can break down before anything else, and nothing messes up a car’s paint more than hitting insects and stones. To deflect these things away from your client’s beautifully detailed paint job, suggest installing a plastic bug deflector. A plastic deflector pushes stones and rocks, as well as insects, away from two of the most important and frequently hit parts of a car: the windshield and the hood.

These four tips and tricks will help you maintain your client’s car for a long time.

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