4 Types of Auto Specialty Shops You Can Work in After Auto Mechanic School

When you’re finished with auto mechanic training, there are multiple specializations that are open to you. Whether you have a passion for detailing or you love to do daily check-ups and see multiple cars per day, a career in an auto shop offers something for you.

During your time at ATC Montreal, you will get to learn the various aspects of the auto mechanic trade and decide a career path based on your skills and interests. If you are interested in learning more about what awaits, here’s a list to help you understand your options as a graduate of auto mechanic school.

1. Future Graduates Can Start a Career as an Automotive Detailer

Graduates from our auto mechanic school have a wide variety of opportunities when it comes to choosing a career. Are you detail-oriented or like to have your car looking spotless? Then maybe an auto detailing career is right for you. When working in an auto detailing shop, you will be transforming a car and bringing it up to its optimal condition and value. For example, when people put their cars up for sale, they usually go to a detailing shop to get them looking brand new. Detailers will shampoo carpets, wax the exterior, clean engines and much more to improve the performance and appearance of different vehicles. 

2. End Up Working as a Tire Installer After Graduating from Auto Mechanic School

Another auto mechanic career in Montreal that you could pursue is a job as a tire installer. Living in Montreal, clients need to change their tires twice a year with the seasons. When that first snowfall hits, many shops are completely booked up and are on the lookout for skilled tire installers. If you choose to work in an auto shop that specializes in tires, not only will you change tires but you will also assess the tread levels and valve quality on tires, check wear patterns to determine the lifespan of a tire and re-tread a vehicle’s tires. During your time at ATC Montreal, you will learn everything you need to know to become a tire installer and get the hands-on experience to enter the auto shop confidently. 

At ATC Montreal, you will learn how to look for signs that a tire is at its end

3. Consider a Career as a Lube Specialist

As a Lube Specialist, you will find yourself in a career where you take care of a vehicle’s fluids, inspect various belts and filters and check air levels and gauges. During your time at ATC Montreal, you will learn about the different types of fluids, like oils and radiator fluids, and how to change them properly. You will also learn the amount of the specific fluid needed for each different car and how often a client should come in to get their fluids replaced. An auto shop will rely on your specialized knowledge in this area to keep its clients satisfied. 

Graduates have vast opportunities after auto mechanic school

4. Learn How to Become a Maintenance Technician

As a Maintenance Technician, you will do daily checkups on cars and make sure that your clients’ vehicles are up to date with what needs to be done. You will be responsible for the inspection, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. This involves performing basic auto care on the brakes, wheels, sensors, tires and other parts. 

Wondering how to become a mechanic that specializes in maintenance? At ATC Montreal, you will get hands-on training working on different cars so that you can enter the industry with the experience and confidence to drive your career. 

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