4 Trucker Recruitment Tips for Grads of Dispatch School

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Pursuing dispatcher training can open up many different career paths. After graduation, you could work as a local dispatcher, log book auditor, or highway dispatcher, among many potential options. One exciting career you might consider is becoming a driver manager, recruiter, and trainer.

Becoming a driver recruiter is an important job. In this role you have the chance to form strong relationships with new hires and start them off on the right foot with your company.

If you’re interested in becoming a recruiter after completing your dispatcher training, read on for four tips that can help you recruit and retain the talent of top drivers.

1. Grads of Dispatch Schools Need To Know About USPs

When attracting quality truck driving talent, it’s essential to start by distinguishing your unique selling proposition (USP). A USP is what you are going to “sell” to your applicants about why your company is unique and the best place for them to work. Your company’s USP could be anything from competitive benefits to ample home time and more.

Developing a strong and accurate USP will help guide your recruitment campaigns as you begin your search for potential new hires. For example, if you complete your dispatch training in Toronto and discover that your company offers the best benefits in the city, that’s a USP you can use to attract new talent.

2. Grads of Dispatch Schools Can Simplify the Application Process to Boost Recruitment

There’s nothing worse than loading a website and seeing a long form you need to fill out for a job application. In order to reduce the amount of website drop offs your potential hires have to navigate, simplify the application process! Provide an easy way to upload a resume and only require a small amount of fields. Also, refrain from asking for any personal information like a SIN number up front.

3. Grads of Dispatch Schools Who Become Recruiters Can Use Social Media to Find New Hires

When surveyed, 94 per cent of professional recruiters said they use social media for talent acquisition and management. With the seemingly never ending shortage of quality truck drivers, it can sometimes be a bit competitive to get top talent to work for you. To get an edge over the competition, companies can turn to popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to recruit new drivers.

dispatch training in Toronto

Social media can help recruiters connect with drivers

As grads of dispatch school understand, truckers are constantly on the road, so the best way to reach them is through their phones and tablets. Social media can help you grab their attention and demonstrate why your company is a good fit for their career goals.

4. Grads of Dispatch Schools Who Become Recruiters Work Hard to Keep Their Talent Happy

Although finding talent is a challenge, holding onto that talent can be an even bigger one. When hiring new drivers it is important that you are up front about what the job will be like. For example, a new driver may not be used to the type of clientele your company sells to, or be familiar with the driving routes they’ll need to travel. Providing transparency will help them know right from the beginning if they are right for your team.

Research shows that drivers find their work environment to be more important than pay when it comes to staying with a company. Although fair compensation is very important, if you want to hang on to top talent, you’ll want to make sure that your company offers a supportive and friendly work environment. Keeping open communication, offering positive feedback, and organizing company events can all do wonders when creating a positive work environment for your employees.

dispatching program in Toronto

Happy employees will stay with a company

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