4 Essential Tools for Automotive Refinishing Prep Technician Graduates

If you’re interested in the aesthetic restoration and maintenance of vehicles, you’ll likely find automotive refinishing prep interesting. Not only is this career path fun and satisfying for car lovers, but it also offers security thanks to the consistent demand for collision repair in times of economic growth and during downturns. 

Our training program covers the automotive refinishing skills that make competitive candidates that prospective employers value. Many refinishing prep technicians decide to start businesses or freelance on the side due to the high demand for their skills. If this is a path you’re seriously considering, there are several tools you’ll need to acquire to maximize results. Keep reading for a brief overview. 

1. Respiratory Equipment Is Crucial to Your Safety as an Automotive Refinishing Prep Technician

You’ll likely use spray paints regularly throughout your automotive refinishing prep career. They are at risk of inhaling isocyanates, which pose a variety of health risks, including asthma, skin and mucous membrane sensitization, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. To protect your health in the long term, be sure to use respirators to filter contaminated air. Cartridges and filters are often sold separately from respirators, so ensure you have everything you’ll need to paint safely after automotive refinishing prep technician training.

A smiling automotive refinishing prep technician holding a respiratory mask
Safety first! Use the appropriate respiratory equipment after automotive training.

2. Spray Guns Ensure a Flawless Finish on the Job

You’ll probably need several spray guns to efficiently complete your refinishing prep job duties. Firstly, you’ll need a spray gun for primers and surfacers, another for basecoats, and one for clearcoats. It’s also not a bad idea to have extras on hand for touch-ups. Spray guns ensure a flawless airbrushed finish. Be sure to have a variety of nozzle sizes available to accommodate the viscosities of various refinishing and paint products.  

3. Always Use Quality Metal Paint for Auto Refinishing Projects

The longevity of a paint job depends heavily on the quality of the metal paint you select. Different paint types are used for different purposes. For example, urethane paints are known to be the most durable option, while enamels produce a glossy finish. Lacquers are best suited to automotive showroom prep. In our automotive training program, you’ll learn the properties of various paint products and be ready to identify the correct product for each project.

An automotive refinishing prep technician painting a red car with a spray gun
Be sure to select the right metal paint for each job after automotive training.

4. Use a Micro Applicator for Detail Work

After automotive refinishing prep training, the detailed work presents the biggest challenge. You’ll have to deal with minor scratches and dents quite often, so you’ll need the right tool for doing precise refinishing. Micro applicators offer a solid grip and manual control, making working in small, localized areas easy. As an automotive refinishing prep technician, you’ll know that the devil is in the details, and repairing even the most minor dings will immensely impact a car’s overall appearance and value. Be sure you have the right tools in your collection! 

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