4 Tips for Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles During Your Car Sales Career

Becoming an automotive sales specialist can be a rewarding choice
Becoming an automotive sales specialist can be a rewarding choice

Canadian automotive sales are red hot at the moment. More and more people are buying up cars, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious auto sales professionals looking for an in-demand career.

For those workers looking to move into a lucrative sales role, the expansive pre-owned vehicle market can prove to be a rewarding environment. Newly qualified automotive salespeople can count on two things to help them build a long-lasting career—the solid skills and processes that they have learned from their car sales training course, and an auto sales environment that has vehicles flying off the sales lot.

Here’s how a new salesperson can boost used car sales even further.

1. The Internet Drives Used Car Sales, So Make the Most of It

When a potential buyer is considering a vehicle purchase, their first move often involves reaching for their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Aggregator sites can instantly lay out the exact brands, models, and age of vehicles, and where the best value can be found.

Increased buyer knowledge can work to the salesperson’s advantage, as they know buyers who physically show up will have done their research and made the decision to travel to their sales location. This knowledge can be easily leveraged once confirmed, and indicates how salespeople, as much as they can, should follow up on online leads and consider advertising on the platforms that refer the most customers.

2. Take Good Quality Pictures of the Cars You Are Selling

More than ever, consumers operate in a culture where images count. When potential buyers make that first online search, the inclusion of quality images will be a crucial factor in their final decision. Should an identical vehicle be listed at one location with good quality images, and listed on another with blurry, out-of-focus photos featuring a salesperson’s fingers in the shot, the choice for the buyer will be clear. For that reason, top automotive salespeople will ensure that the vehicles they are selling are reflected in the best possible light.

3. Top Automotive Sales Specialists Know the Vehicles They Are Selling Inside Out

A pre-owned vehicle comes with its own unique history. Crucially, this includes the vehicle’s repair history, particularly anything that indicates it’s been in a crash. This is a red flag for most clients, indicating possibly hidden vehicle damage. Early in your career as an automotive sales specialist, you’ll learn to be upfront about a vehicle’s history, knowing this is key information that will strengthen the sales position. In this way, you’ll be able to build up a solid reputation with your client base. Who knows, some customers might even recommend your establishment to a friend!

4. During Your Car Sales Career, You’ll Know that Detailing Is Worth Every Penny

The effect that quality detailing can have on a pre-owned vehicle can verge on the miraculous. Throughout your car sales career, having a professional detailer that you can turn to on short notice for necessary washing, polishing, waxing, and interior cleaning will make all the difference. A trusted detailer can turn a dusty, unattractive vehicle into a gleaming attention-grabber.

Many buyers will be tempted by a pre-owned vehicle that closely resembles a shiny new one, and detailing gets vehicles closer to that condition. The cost of detailing will almost always be dwarfed by the profit that comes with closing a sale, proving that putting in the effort to make a strong first impression is almost always worth it.

Detailing will always prove its worth in closing a sale
Detailing will always prove its worth in closing a sale

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