4 Tips for Cleaning Trunk Areas During Your Auto Detailing Career

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Cleaning the trunk of a car is often an afterthought for the owner, but professional detailers know it requires lots of attention. Items such as motor oil, dirty boots, and others are more likely to be stored in the trunk, so there is often a wide variety of different stains to deal with. As well as being aesthetically unpleasing, these stains could also develop odours which linger around the car interior.

There are many products dedicated to cleaning trunk stains, in addition to many more common household items that can also save the day. Auto detailing professionals are able to return a trunk to factory quality, so here are a few tips for completing a thorough job.

1. Don’t Forget the Basics When Detailing a Trunk

The trunk is often loaded with coats, boots, umbrellas, empty bottles, and other items. Before detailing the trunk, make sure to remove such items. This allows grads of an auto detailing course to survey the scene, and determine where any stains are located.

Once the trunk is empty, vacuum it thoroughly to remove the more obvious dirt from the carpeting. Remove the carpeting, if possible, to target any objects lodged in areas such as the spare tire well.

2. Gas Spillages Can Cause Nasty Stains in the Trunk

The car owner may temporarily store a can of gas in the trunk, and sometimes spillages occur. Cat litter has excellent qualities in absorbing gas from upholstery, so you can leave some of it on the stain for a few hours. After it’s removed, a mixture of soap and water can be used to soak the stain, before it is brushed and cleaned. A smell may still prevail after it has dried, and coffee grounds are actually a great absorbent of such odours when placed on the affected area. Other specialized treatments may also be helpful in removing the stain and its odour.

3. Unusual Products Can Make a Big Impact in Trunk Auto Detailing

Imagination is a useful tool for professional automotive detailing careers, because there are lots of household items which can be used to great effect. Glass cleaner is a handy product for lifting stains from carpeting, because it doesn’t leave behind suds. After being left to soak into a stain for around five minutes, the moisture should then be removed with a dry cloth. Hairspray also has excellent properties for removing ink stains, and it just needs to be rinsed off with cold water afterwards.

It’s important to soak stains before scrubbing them clean
It’s important to soak stains before scrubbing them clean

4. Beware of Hidden Dirt Found in the Trunk Lid

Auto detailing professionals are trained to seek out and remove the stains which most people don’t notice. This includes hidden nooks and crannies, like the trunk lid.

The seals around the trunk lid build up grease and dirt as time goes by, but there are some straightforward solutions. Wrap a soft fiber cloth around the bristles of a narrow brush, and run it through the seals. The soft cloth ensures that no damage is caused to the seals, while the brush allows easy access into hard-to-reach places.

Put these tips to good use during your auto detailing career.

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