4 Signs that an Auto Career in Warehousing Is Right for You

There are many reasons to pursue an auto career in warehousing. In recent years, the automotive industry– like many others faced with COVID-19 lockdowns– began using eCommerce to sell auto parts and other products that customers would buy in person. The rise of automotive eCommerce through sites like AutoShack has created a demand for warehouses that has persisted even after the pandemic. Customers have grown accustomed to the ease of online shopping which means an increased need for warehousing staff. 

If you’re interested in auto careers, warehousing is a great way to get your foot in the door as it offers stable positions and valuable experience that can easily be transferred to any other auto sector. Warehousing is also a great long-term career as it offers potential for growth. In addition, an auto career in warehousing offers variety. As an automotive warehouse worker, you’ll perform a variety of duties like material handling, clerical tasks, sales, and more. 

Here are five signs you should consider this dynamic career path!

1. An Auto Career that Involves Operating Motorized Vehicles Excites You 

While not every warehousing position affords workers the opportunity, with an auto career in a larger warehouse you’ll likely get the chance to operate a forklift! While you’ll need a certificate to operate a forklift in a warehouse, it’s certainly worth it. Having this certification allows you to fulfill a wider variety of roles, making you a valuable asset to your team in the long run. 

Many auto careers in warehousing give you the chance to operate motorized vehicles.

2. You Have a Knack for Organization 

Are the books and movies in your home arranged in alphabetical order? Do you love a good colour-coding session? If so, there’s a great chance that an auto career in warehousing suits your aptitude perfectly. For any warehouse to function smoothly, organization is key. In a space where a large volume of merchandise is stored, it’s essential that all team members know exactly where they can find everything and have quick access to whatever they need. 

3. You’re Detail Oriented 

In a warehouse setting, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. For example, packers and shippers have to check that invoices and shipping labels match orders correctly. In addition, order pickers have to ensure that they’re pulling the right products from shelves. If you’re attuned to the subtleties and details of your surroundings, your talent would certainly be appreciated in a warehouse setting. 

Getting trained in automotive school is a worthy investment for anyone pursuing an auto career.

4. You’re Willing to Learn New Skills 

An auto career in warehousing requires you to have an understanding of vehicles and their parts. Even if you consider yourself a car lover, you may need to seek extra training in automotive school to ensure you have all the skills you need to be successful in a warehousing position. Through our Automotive Parts Program, you’ll get an extensive introduction to the automotive industry, learn computerized parts management, and learn to communicate effectively with customers. If you’re willing to continue gaining new skills, there’s no limit to the success you can find in auto careers. 

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