4 Signs You Are Destined to Become a Collision Estimator

One of the great things about a career in the automotive industry is that there are so many different paths to choose from. You could become an auto detailer, service technician, or a collision estimator—to name just a few. 

Collision estimators are responsible for calculating how much a car or truck will cost to repair after an accident. They need to have a good understanding of cars and car parts, as well as the time and costs involved in typical repairs. 

If you think that a career in collision estimating might be for you, read on to discover four signs that you are destined to become a collision estimator. 

1. You Love Cars 

This is true for all auto careers, but collision estimators need to have a strong interest in and a passion for all things automotive. You will be working with cars day in and day out, so it’s important that you love cars: both driving them and fixing them! 

As well as this, collision estimators need to have an in-depth knowledge of car parts and how a car is put together. This will make your job as a collision estimator easier as you will know what parts need to be replaced and the costs involved. Of course, your training will be there to take care of this aspect. But having a passion for cars will make this an especially fun and rewarding prospect, and will mean that you’re likely to enjoy this career path. 

Why not make a career out of your love for cars?

2. You’re a Problem Solver and a Critical Thinker 

Would you describe yourself as a critical thinker? Are you often the first person to come up with new and innovative solutions to complex problems? If so, it might be a sign that you would make a good collision estimator!

Collision estimators are responsible for estimating repair and labour costs, and calculating the customer payment. As well as this, no two crashes are ever the same. This means that they need to be good problem solvers. This is part of what makes a career in collision estimating challenging and never boring.

3. You Like Working with Others in Auto Careers

In comparison to other auto careers, collision estimating is quite a sociable job. You will need to have good communication skills as you will need to work closely with mechanics, parts vendors, customers, and insurance companies. You will also need to ensure that all parties involved are happy and aware of the process and the price. 

Collision estimators need to offer good customer service in order to keep customers happy and encourage repeat clients. So, if you’re something of a people person, you could be a great fit for a career in collision estimating. 

If you like working with others, you might enjoy working as a collision estimator

4. You Want a Competitive Salary, but Don’t Want to Spend Years Getting a College Degree

Collision estimators have the potential to earn a very competitive salary without the need for a college degree. Oftentimes, we grow up thinking that the only way to have a rewarding and lucrative career is to spend years studying at a high tuition university. However, that’s not the case. Trades careers come with plenty of room for growth. They’re rewarding, can weather recessions fairly well (since people still need to have their cars fixed and have collision damage properly assessed), and can give you access to a solid salary. On average, collision estimators in Canada earn a salary of $47,500, while an experienced collision estimator can earn as much as $75,000 a year

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