4 Reasons to Consider Automotive Sales Training in 2024

Is entering the automotive sales industry a good idea? This is a valid question, particularly in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, which has significantly impacted vehicle supply. Nearly four years later, the state of the industry seems uncertain; however, based on our professional experience, there are many reasons why pursuing automotive sales is still a great idea. Keep reading to learn why you should pursue your dream of a car sales career in 2024. 

1. Automotive Sales Training Can Open Doors to a Lucrative Career

According to Talent, entry-level automotive sales professionals can expect to make just under $50,000 annually.  This figure represents earnings on the lower end, and with more experience, automotive sales professionals can significantly increase their earnings, with many of them making six figures a year. 

Though many automotive sales positions require a high school diploma or GED, post-secondary training can give you a competitive advantage during your job search. Our automotive sales diploma program will equip you with key competencies such as nurturing leads, closing sales, getting referrals, and more.

An automotive sales training graduate facilitating a test drive for a customer.
Automotive sales training can lead you to a lucrative career.

2. Working In Auto Sales Offers a Fun Work Environment

If you’ve always known that working in a traditional office environment isn’t for you, automotive sales training could be a stepping stone toward a fun, dynamic career that allows your personality to shine. The success of automotive sales professionals depends heavily on their relationship-building skills, often enabling them to enjoy an upbeat, collaborative, and fun work environment. 

3. Canada’s Automotive Sales Are on the Mend

The automotive sales industry took a hit during the pandemic, and the Canadian market is still experiencing volatility, but there’s reason to believe that the industry will recover. Evidence suggests that automotive sales are already on the mend. In recent years, Toronto has experienced a shortage of sales professionals across industries, and many are expected to retire soon. For this reason, there’s plenty of room for new professionals to find automotive sales jobs. Automotive sales are returning, with a recent report showing that Canadian auto sales increased by 20% in October 2023, as opposed to October 2022. This finding marks 12 consecutive months of sales increases, signaling a steadily recovering market.

An automotive sales training graduate shaking hands with a customer.
Automotive sales training will allow graduates to enter a resilient industry.

4. Selling Vehicles Can Be Rewarding 

An automotive sales career can be quite rewarding. After all, it will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people each day and share your love of vehicles with others as you help them make the right decisions for their circumstances. With your knowledge of automotive financing, you can help buyers find affordable solutions that suit their unique needs. If it’s well aligned with your interests and aptitudes, an automotive sales career is certainly fulfilling as a long-term vocation. 

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