4 Reasons You Should Sign Up for ATC’s Auto Detailing Course

auto detailing courseWhether it’s the new car smell, the shine of a fresh polish and wax, or the squeaky-clean interior, there’s a lot to appreciate about a freshly detailed auto.

Auto detailers clean and restore used or damaged cars so that they look as though they just left the showroom. They work on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle to improve its appearance, which is essential maintenance that can contribute to its value. Plus, a freshly detailed car is definitely more fun to drive!

In an auto detailing program, you will learn how to take a vehicle from being beaten up to shiny and new. ATC is starting its new detailing class on Saturday, March 14th, and here are three reasons why you should sign up.

1. Get Job-Ready Through Hands-On Experience

For many students, the best way to learn isn’t in the classroom with a book, but by getting up and doing. The auto detailing course at ATC gives students the opportunity to learn on the shop floor with real cars and equipment.

In fact, students will spend the majority of the course doing practical tasks, giving them valuable experience for the real world of auto detailing. In the most recent class in January, students had the opportunity to clean engines and learn professional methods for washing cars, as well as waxing and polishing car paint. They also worked on fixing a variety of scratches and dents on a number of different surfaces and materials.

These experiences mean students who complete the program are prepared to excel when they start working in an actual shop.

Students get hands-on experience on the shop floor using professional equipment
Students get hands-on experience on the shop floor using professional equipment

2. Get Auto Detailing Training From Successful Professionals

As part of the new auto detailing training class at ATC, students will be able to learn from a successful industry leader. Professional auto detailer and business owner David Masongsong will be returning to the next class to instruct and inspire students and answer questions about the profession.

David knows everything there is to know about auto detailing, and has also successfully launched his own business in the field. Not only will students learn practical knowledge, techniques, and skills from David, but they may also be inspired to open their own auto detailing company one day.

3. Benefit From Small Class Sizes

Another good thing about the auto detailing course at ATC is its small class sizes. Students will benefit from more one on one attention, and classes can be tailored to meet individual needs.

For example, if you’re succeeding in one area, you may have the opportunity to take on more advanced work with supervision. At the same time, you’ll have all the time and help in the world to get to grips with any task you find particularly challenging.

Small classes and a short program length will have you career-ready in no time!
Small classes and a short program length will have you career-ready in no time!

4. Gain Recognized Auto Detailing Credentials

Students who complete our auto detailing program will not only have the skills to enter the workforce with confidence and competence, they will also have an industry-recognized certificate.

When students pass the final exam, they’re job-ready with know-how in showroom preparation and reconditioning of used vehicles. They will also be well versed in paint repair, reconditioning and vehicle protection applications such as undercoating and rustproofing.

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