4 Reasons to Consider Becoming an Operations Manager After Completing Dispatch School

If you’re currently enrolled in dispatch school, you’ll be qualified for a number of different employment opportunities upon graduation. During dispatch school, you’ll build the skills necessary to excel in the transportation industry, learning the ins and outs of transportation operations, load planning, industry software, government regulations and more. With these skills, one of the roles you may choose to enter is that of an Operations Manager. Within the transportation industry, operations managers work to make sure that transportation activities are efficient, safe, and organized. These professionals will monitor and negotiate costs, plan the department’s organization, ensure the safe operation of equipment, coordinate the shipping and intake of equipment, facilitate communication between different stakeholders, and more. If you’re wondering whether a career as an operations manager is right for you, read on to discover four benefits of choosing this career path!

1. When You Become an Operations Manager After Dispatch School, Your Work Will be Dynamic

If you’re searching for an environment where you’ll constantly be learning new things, tackling new projects, and utilizing critical thinking skills to solve problems, you’ll want to consider becoming a transportation operations manager after dispatch school. Transportation operations managers have an extremely dynamic role within the transportation industry, as they’re responsible for a number of different duties within an organization. They may delegate tasks to staff, develop transportation policies and indicators of success, conduct negotiations with warehouse owners, devise new safety measures, carry out the hiring process of new transportation personnel, and more. It’s safe to say that if you choose a career as an Operations manager, you’ll never be bored. 

Transportation operations managers perform a diverse range of roles

2. As an Operations Manager, You’ll Love Your Work Environment

When you think of working in the transportation industry, you might think of long hours in warehouses or dispatching centers. However, if you choose to become a transportation operations manager, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll benefit from a more comfortable work environment. Operations managers are able to complete much of their work from an office space, as their role involves management and planning rather than hands-on labour. While you’ll still be interacting with employees and other stakeholders and paying frequent visits to the warehouse, you’ll still have the advantage of having access to the workspace and technology that a manager does. 

3. Operations Managers Have a High Earning Potential

Graduates of dispatcher schools who go on to become transportation operations managers aren’t necessarily in it for the money, but that doesn’t mean that this role doesn’t pay well. Given the many responsibilities that these professionals have within the transportation industry, operations managers have a high earning potential. In fact, JobBank Canada lists the median salary for transportation operations managers in Ontario as just under $40.00 CAD per hour. As an operations manager, not only will every day on the job be engaging and challenging, but you’ll see financial returns for your efforts.

As a transportation operations manager, you can earn more by doing what you love

4. The Work Is Rewarding 

As a transportation operations manager, you’re never wasting your time. Operations managers within the transportation industry are constantly coming up with new solutions and changes to workflows which have a direct impact on a company’s ability to reduce costs and ensure the efficient and effective transportation of goods. Thus, not only is the job of an operations manager rewarding, it’s also a great opportunity to connect with the other employees and parties whom you’re communicating with. You’ll be able to grow your network and learn more about the transportation industry every day, while directly contributing to the growth of your organization.

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