4 Reasons Fleet Maintenance Management Is Important for Grads of a Transportation Operations Program


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At the core of every transportation operations business is its fleet of trucks. Keeping the fleet up and running is essential for keeping the business running smoothly. If you’re interested in enrolling in dispatch school, you’ll be qualified to begin an exciting career in fleet management after you graduate. Fleet managers and officers play a crucial role in maintaining fleets, reducing costs, and improving driver safety.

Does a role in fleet maintenance management sound interesting to you? Read on to learn more about why fleet maintenance is so important.

1. Grads of Dispatch Schools Know Maintenance Management Improves Uptime

For transportation companies, uptime—the time when trucks are working and on the road making deliveries—is everything. If trucks aren’t on the road, they aren’t making any money. Because of this, an unexpected breakdown could have huge consequences. Depending on the severity of the problem, the vehicle may be off the road for days or even a week, which students in dispatch schools know is not a good thing.

If a truck breaks down on a remote stretch of road or highway, it could be stuck there for quite some time waiting to be towed or repaired. During that time, deliveries will be delayed and deadlines will be missed, which will likely have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. And in a worst-case scenario, perishable items could go bad, creating even more costs for the operations company as well as further loss of customer satisfaction.

All these potential problems can be avoided by implementing a proper fleet maintenance management program. An effective fleet maintenance program ensures preventative maintenance and check ups are performed on a regular basis by qualified technicians, so that unexpected breakdowns are reduced or prevented entirely.

2. Fleet Maintenance Management Helps Reduce Costs

Many expensive repairs can be easily detected and prevented before a problem or breakdown happens. By having a good fleet maintenance management system in place, you can ensure that potential problems are caught early and dealt with before a costly problem occurs. Not only will it save potential maintenance costs, but it’ll also help keep your trucks and drivers on the road, generating income for the company.

As graduates of a transportation operations program know, another way that preventative maintenance can help save costs is that it helps ensure that trucks are running as efficiently as possible. Small tweaks and repairs made to the engine can make a big difference in a truck’s performance and fuel economy. Over time, this could create huge cost savings for a transportation company.

3. Grads of Dispatch Schools Know Maintenance Management Improves Driver Satisfaction

For truck drivers, there aren’t many things more frustrating than being stuck in a broken down rig on the side of the road. Breakdowns are a huge inconvenience for truck drivers. They can result in a failure to make deliveries, late deliveries, and can even cause the truck driver to miss an opportunity to be at home with friends and family. By ensuring your fleet is well-maintained, you can help avoid unexpected breakdowns that could frustrate drivers and lead to higher employee turnover.

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Fleet maintenance management helps keep trucks from breaking down on the road

4. Fleet Maintenance Management Helps Improve Safety and Limits Risk

Safety is at the forefront of the trucking and transportation industry. As a result, the health and safety of truck drivers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians is extremely important. Ongoing fleet maintenance programs ensure that vehicles are inspected on a regular basis to check for problems like faculty brakes or a horn that’s not working. By keeping your fleet in working order, you ensure that your trucks are safe to be driven on the roads and will perform as they are supposed to.

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