4 Quick Tips for Proper Phone Etiquette as an Auto Service Writer

Use a Friendly Tone When Working the Phone as an Auto Service Writer

In a career as an auto service writer, it’s likely that you will need to make follow-up phone calls to discuss servicing or scheduling with customers. These calls can be of crucial importance for maintaining strong relationships with customers you’ve seen, hopefully encouraging repeat business for years to come.

Having great phone etiquette is an excellent way to ensure phone calls go well. If you take care to present yourself as polite, friendly, and professional, customers will want to keep working with you and your workplace over the long term.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain great phone etiquette in your career.

1. Use a Friendly Tone When Working the Phone as an Auto Service Writer

Be sure to keep en even tone of voice when on the phone, even if the person on the other end of the call is rude or loud. It might be tempting to raise your voice as well, but this can only escalate an unpleasant situation, and will reflect badly on you and your workplace.

Most of the time, interacting with someone who is pleasant and friendly will keep other people pleasant, too. You’ll be able to focus on the message you need to communicate, and not need to worry about hotheads, if you do your part to keep a conversation civil.

2. Don’t Interrupt the Person on the Other End of the Call

While an auto service writer may be tempted to interrupt a customer to give them the solution they’re looking for, the customer probably won’t appreciate it. They may become embarrassed that they were babbling, or they might grow resentful that they couldn’t finish their point.

That’s why it’s usually best to just let the customer talk. They may be completely off the mark when it comes to estimates, scheduling, or cars altogether, but as a long-term move, it will likely be best to let them finish making their point before offering your own professional insight.

3. Auto Service Writers Should Call People Back Promptly if They Miss a Call

The workday is long, and often busy, so it’s normal that you’ll miss a call here or there. If the person leaves you a message, don’t let it sit too long before responding. Whether the customer had a question, wants to reschedule an appointment, or had some other message they needed to deliver to your business, they will almost certainly appreciate getting a call back from you as soon as possible. A prompt response will demonstrate your commitment to good customer care, and show that you are an automotive service writer they can rely on.

Don't let voicemail sit! Call back right away to keep customers extra satisfied with your service
Don’t let voicemail sit! Call back right away to keep customers extra satisfied with your service

4. Auto Service Writers Should Always Direct Calls and Take Messages Carefully

While working the phones, it’s possible and likely that you will answer calls meant for other people in your workplace. It is hugely important that you take care to be polite in either getting the intended recipient of the call on the line, or—if they’re out or busy—taking down a message to deliver to that person later.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or favourite client calling in, if they find you rude, chances are decent that word will get around. Be polite, and keep a notepad and pen handy to take down names and messages, and you can start building a good reputation among customers.

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