4 Places You Can Work After Completing Auto Body Estimator Training

When it comes to auto repair, the services that collision estimators offer can be as valuable as the actual repair itself. Collision estimators perform a variety of duties to determine the necessary repairs for a vehicle which has undergone an accident. Collision estimators inspect damaged vehicles, estimating the cost for repairs and determining which parts will be cheaper to replace. Based on their assessments, these professionals create repair orders for an auto body shop, and fill out insurance claim forms accordingly. Collision estimators possess in-depth knowledge about repair and replacement pricing, as well as insurance policies and warranty coverage. Their specific skill set makes their services useful in a number of different work environments. 

If you’re interested in a career as a collision estimator, there are a number of different organizations where you might find employment. Read on to discover four different opportunities!

1. A Collision Estimator Can Work at Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are a common place of employment for collision estimators. Many insurance companies opt to hire their own collision estimators due to the fact that insurance claims are highly intertwined with the estimating process. When a collision estimator works for an insurance company, they perform estimates on the insurance company’s behalf. These professionals might verify claims, estimates or reports conducted by collision estimators working at repair shops, ensuring that the report is truthful and that insurance is needed to cover the cost of repairs. Occasionally, collision estimators employed by insurance companies will work from a satellite station, or a small office representing an insurance company within an auto repair shop.

Some trained collision estimators choose to work in the insurance field

2. Collision Repair Shops Require the Services of Collision Estimators

Collision estimators may work in collision repair shops, or auto body shops—businesses which focus on vehicle repair. Within a collision repair shop, collision estimators assess vehicles for damage and determine the repairs or replacements necessary, drawing up a work order which will be followed throughout the repair process. When working in collision repair shops, collision estimators can remain on site, inspecting vehicles as they are brought to the shop instead of traveling to different locations as they might when working for an insurance company.

Happy auto repairman communicating with young couple in a workshop.

3. Those with Auto Body Estimator Training May Work at Automotive Dealerships

Automotive dealerships often employ professionals with auto body estimator training. Within an automotive dealership, collision estimators often have their own office, meeting with customers whose vehicles have originally been purchased at the dealership. Collision estimators will go over the damage suffered by a customer’s vehicle, gathering details about the accident and working to determine a plan of action for the vehicle’s repair. 

4. Collision Estimators Can Choose to Contract their Services Independently

While there are various other businesses and organizations that employ collision estimators, a professional with the proper training and experience may choose to branch out on their own and become an independent estimator. Independent collision estimators will contract their services out to vehicle owners or auto repair shops on their own terms, making their own schedule. These professionals have the freedom to set their own prices and take on the cases of their choosing. 

Whatever career path they choose, collision estimators have a wealth of opportunities available to them in terms of employment. Due to the specialized skills they possess, there will always be a need for collision estimators within the auto industry.

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