4 Job Opportunities To Explore After Hybrid And Electrical Mechanic Training

Considering automotive school? If so, many interesting and lucrative career paths await you This is particularly true if you pursue hybrid technology training. Our hybrid technology diploma program is an excellent pre-professional introduction to the industry. The program covers the fundamentals of electrical safety, general maintenance, how to service hybrids, the design of various energy storage systems and battery packs, and all of the key concepts that will enable you to pursue further training in various hybrid technology careers or move into the workforce. Explore some of your career options below. 

1. Demand for Electric Vehicle Technicians Will Continue to Grow

As electric vehicles become more and more popular, the need for hybrid and electric vehicle technicians will continue to grow. Throughout your automotive career, your ability to adapt to a changing market will be a significant asset to your job security and earning potential. In our hybrid technology training program, you will learn the basics of servicing hybrid and electric vehicles, giving you access to a broader range of technician jobs than those without expertise in hybrid technology.

A hybrid and electrical mechanic training grad servicing an EV.
Hybrid and electrical mechanic training will prepare you to service EVs as a technician.

2. Aid the Much-Needed Growth of EV Infrastructure

One of the major concerns around hybrid and electric vehicle adoption is Canada’s readiness for these new vehicles in terms of charging infrastructure. Among consumers, range anxiety remains a significant deterrent for purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles. Still, professionals involved in designing, constructing, installing, and maintaining charging infrastructure can expect their skills to be highly sought after. Our hybrid and electrical mechanic training program can be an excellent starting point for this career path. However, additional qualifications may be required to pursue careers in design and engineering roles.

A hybrid and electrical mechanic training grad working on charging infrastructure.
There is a high demand for professionals who have completed automotive training.

3. Promote Widespread EV Adoption in Marketing and Sales

Canada aims for 60% of vehicle sales to be hybrid and electric by 2030. Car dealerships that comply with this federal goal by producing EVs are rewarded for contributing to the EV shift. As a result, many automakers have ramped up their marketing and sales efforts. If you possess strong interpersonal and creative skills and wish to find a career that allows you to combine these skills with your love of cars, a lucrative career in marketing and sales awaits you after automotive training

4. Assemble Electromechanical Parts After Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

As Canada hurries to get more hybrid and electric cars on the road, more workers are needed to assemble various electromechanical parts needed for the production of EVs. Suppose you are interested in how moving parts work together to make a machine work. In that case, you’ll find this job rewarding as you’ll get to apply your knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems to assemble motors, generators, and other electric vehicle components. 

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