4 In-Demand Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal

auto mechanic certification in Montreal
There are many rewarding career opportunities available for recent graduates in Montreal

Montreal is a vibrant city. Whether you’ve lived there all your life, or have recently moved, it’s a great place to settle down and start your career. There is an abundance of opportunity for work in Montreal, especially for those with auto mechanic training. In Quebec, 11.6 per cent of all professionals employed in this field are working in Montreal!

When trying to fill these positions, auto mechanic employers are looking for educated and qualified employees. With the right training from a top program, you can quickly gain the skills you need to become an ideal candidate. But which in-demand careers can you look forward to after graduation?

Read on to discover four careers employers in Quebec could be hiring you for after you complete your program!

Students Who Complete Auto Mechanic Certification in Montreal May Become a Tire Installer

There are dozens of auto repair shops in Montreal, and many of them are hiring tire installers, especially as the winter season approaches. In Quebec, winter tires are mandatory for all cars from December 15th to March 15th, meaning that there’s demand for professionals who know how to install them.

As a tire installer you will balance, rotate, and install tires. You may also repair or patch damaged tires using the knowledge and skills you gain throughout your auto mechanic certification in Montreal. After successful completion of your program you will be able to confidently service wheels, tires, hubs, and bearings!

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Install tires after completing your auto mechanic certification in Montreal

Becoming a Maintenance Technician Is a Great Option for Students in Montreal

If you are looking for an occupation that involves a little automotive detective work, a maintenance or service technician career may be right for you. This job will require you to diagnose the underlying problems behind faulty operations of vehicles brought into the repair shop.

Other job duties may include replacing worn or damaged parts, reassembling and retesting repaired mechanisms, and even providing routine maintenance advice to customers. Professional auto mechanic training will prepare you to provide accurate advice to customers by teaching you the fundamentals of preventative maintenance, like oil and filter changes.

After Automotive School in Montreal, Students Can Consider Becoming an Automotive Detailer

If you have an eye for detail and like to make cars shine, then a career as an automotive detailer may be right for you. Car detailers have the rewarding job of making cars look their absolute best for their clients. You may find yourself working at a mechanic shop, car dealership, or even a car wash. The job may include elements of customer service and interaction in order to learn what the client wants and to advise them on products and services. If you have a creative side and a passion for cars, this can be an ideal option to consider as you decide between auto mechanic careers in Montreal.

Students Choosing Auto Mechanic Careers in Montreal Can Consider Becoming a Lube Specialist

If you’re not afraid to get dirty, becoming a lube specialist or lube technician can be the perfect move for your career. Lube technicians may have all sorts of duties on the job including light vehicle maintenance and care, like oil changes and tire rotations. Auto mechanic training will teach you how to effectively service lubrication systems and perform automotive maintenance. Becoming a lube specialist is considered a gateway job; after graduation it is a great way to get experience before advancing further in your career. Once lube technicians gain experience, they often go on to careers as auto mechanics, technicians, or service managers.

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