4 Things Every Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Needs to Know About the Future of the EV Industry

As technology advances and environmental awareness heightens, battery-powered electric vehicles are taking the auto industry by storm. The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing, as consumer demand for EVs rises and manufacturers continue to offer more hybrid and electric models. What’s more, countries, cities, and provinces are working to incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles with a number of new policies and regulations, fueling the future of EVs. Below, discover four things to know about the electric vehicle industry as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic!

1. If You’re a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic, You’ll Want to Know that Demand for Electric Vehicles is High

One of the biggest factors driving demand for electric vehicles is the fact that consumers are looking more and more at EVs as a viable alternative to the gasoline-powered vehicles they’ve been using traditionally. Across the world, attitudes have generally shifted in favour of EVs, as prices have gone down, technology has improved, and these types of vehicles have become more accessible. Thinking back to the relative lack of acceptance surrounding electric vehicles twenty years ago, it’s safe to say that in the future, those with hybrid and electrical mechanic training will see plenty more EVs on the roads.

Consumer demand for electric vehicles is growing all the time

2. More Manufacturers Offer Electric and Hybrid Options

Today, it’s becoming more common for manufacturers to offer a hybrid or electric option with the release of a new model. Overall, more and more manufacturers are making the decision to transition toward focusing on electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturing, if they haven’t done so already. With automakers like Tesla paving the way, other manufacturers such as Bentley, Volkswagen, and Volvo are committing to focusing on EVs in order to create a greener future.

3. Charging Station Infrastructure Will Continue to Grow

Within the electric vehicle industry today, one of the biggest concerns has to do with the amount of charging stations available for EV owners. While many countries have made promises to deliver more charging stations, many prospective EV owners are still concerned about going electric, given the limited available range of these vehicles without access to charging stations. However, we’re sure to see this infrastructure grow in the future as countries continue to invest in electrification. What’s more, as those in hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic careers probably already know, the range of most EVs on a single charge is expected to increase significantly as technology advances.

The number of charging stations available for EV owners will continue to increase in the future

4. Government Regulations Are Working to Boost the Expansion of EVs

Governments across countries, provinces, and cities are working to ensure that the future is full of EVs. We’re already seeing a number of new government incentives and policies directed at getting consumers to go electric, and in the future, we can expect to see the results of these efforts come to light. In a few cities, bans on the use of older combustion engines and the creation of low-emission zones have become popular as a means to reduce air pollution. Additionally, cash subsidies and reduced taxes are being offered to consumers purchasing low-emission vehicles, further expanding the push toward EVs. 

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