4 Things You Need to Know About Ferrari’s Atelier if You’re Interested in Auto Painting Careers


The nature of Ferrari’s Atelier customization service is that it is designed to help the brand’s premium clients make the style and paint choices that match their personal vision. Through the Atelier, future Ferrari owners can customize everything from their car’s paint colour to seat design, stitch patterns, and more.

If you’re considering embarking on a quality-focussed car painting career, it can pay to know what this unique service brings to these already impressive vehicles. Who knows, it might even offer a little inspiration for your own auto painting career!

1. Intricate Personal Customization Is a Top Selling Point of the Atelier

The Atelier service, introduced as part of the company’s “One to One” personalization program in 2008, doesn’t take anything for granted when it comes to a Ferrari’s appearance. In fact, it places the client at the centre of the decision-making process.

For those beginning their auto painting careers, the classic red rossa corsa Ferrari is an enduring image. However, this iconic paint colour has been joined by a wide range of customized and alternatively coloured Ferraris. The Atelier program itself boasts that it can offer the discerning client a choice of at least 20 different hues, which can be blended and combined to produce a ‘vast’ range of possible colour combinations. These can be extremely subtle and are distinctly associated with the client’s tastes, helping to create a customer’s dream car. Once you become an auto refinishing prep technician, you can take inspiration from Ferrari’s Atelier and make sure customers have many different colours and finishes to choose from, so that they can have a truly customized paint job.

2. Today’s Auto Refinishing Prep Technicians Can Help Clients Visualize Selections

At Ferrari’s Atelier, direct consultation takes place with a Ferrari official, and the company makes use of a visual computer simulation to directly illustrate to the client what their selections will look like on the finished car.

For Ferrari, this approach allows the client to add his or her own touches to their vehicle’s DNA. For the aspiring auto refinishing professional, this can offer inspiration on how to help customers visualize the finished results of an auto painting job. While using software to render visualizations might not always be an option, doing your best to listen to customers and help them picture what a paint job will look like can help you make sure the final result is exactly what they had in mind.

3. Car Painting Classes Will Help You Carefully Match Paint with Features

One thing that should be borne in mind by any auto refinishing prep technician is that even when a job only involves working on a car’s exterior, other visual elements of the car should also be considered. This helps ensure that the overall look of the car remains cohesive.

Aspiring auto refinishing prep technicians can look to the Ferrari Atelier for inspiration in this regard, since it takes this approach to an all-new level. The Atelier service pays close attention to the correspondence in style and appearance between the vehicle’s interior, exterior paint, and additional features. This includes the visual interplay between a chosen body paint colour and exterior features like brake calipers and rims. Their attention to detail will even go down to the stitching inside the car! For detail oriented auto painting professionals, this care to a car’s overall appearance is a wonder to behold.

4. Those with Auto Painting Careers Know About Ferrari’s Careful Image

While the Atelier is certainly all about customization, it’s also very careful about how it represents the Ferrari brand. In that respect, specifications that the brand views as wholly inconsistent with its 70-year history will not be accommodated by the service. This includes the use of certain colours, like pink, that are viewed as outside the scope of the brand.

For auto painting professionals, Ferrari’s outright refusal to paint cars a certain colour is an important dilemma to consider. Is it best to undertake whatever request a customer makes, or are there some cases where it might be best to gently guide them towards alternatives? Would a wonderful paint job done in an unfashionable colour show to customers that you care about listening to their needs, or will future clients wonder about the quality of your work if they see a car they don’t like roll out of your shop? Throughout your career, you might sometimes need to make this tough decision.

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