4 Essential Tips for A Successful Auto Sales Career

Career in automotive sales

Starting out as the new salesperson at a dealership can seem quite intimidating at first. There are seasoned salespeople competing over potential customers as they arrive, and when you haven’t dealt with many customers face-to-face, you may be shy at first. Over the course of their careers, sales experts have highlighted some important techniques that have contributed to their success, which they often learned after years of making mistakes. If you’re planning to make your way into auto sales, here are a few essential tips that will put you on the fast track to closing deals!

A Good Salesperson has an Effective Greeting

The typical greeting “Can I help you?” will mainly get you the typical response of “I’m just looking around”—not leaving much room to engage customers any further. A lot of salespeople will follow up with “Ok! Well, I’ll be right over here if you need anything!” –unfortunately one of the least effective ways to make a sale.

Good car sales training teaches students that a solid greeting is more along the lines of “Hi! Welcome to XYZ Motors, my name’s ____, what’s yours?” Engaging people who walk into a dealership in this way makes them feel welcome and appreciated and it also puts you in control. From there, you can ask what model of car they’re looking for and if they’d like you to show them around. If they choose to browse alone, you can approach them a little later and address them by name.

Sale Professionals Get in on the Test Drive

Accompanying your customer while they’re test-driving a vehicle is a great opportunity to build rapport, which makes anyone more comfortable in making a purchase. Some customers may want to test drive alone, which is fine, but others may want you to be there in case they’re nervous while driving a new vehicle or in case they have any questions.

Sell Someone Their Dream Car

Many customers walk into a showroom with a pretty good idea of the model they want to check out. They’ve done their research and are aware of the specs of the vehicle.

If early on in your auto sales career you run into people like this, then great! You get to sell them on the benefits. They know about the rear-view cameras? Explain how easy it will be for them to parallel park in front of their office. Car salespeople are experts at finding ways to push that sale, and ultimately convince customers that they’re about to buy the vehicle of their dreams.

Most Importantly: Have Fun and Be Likeable

Sharing your knowledge of vehicles and teaching customers about the features and benefits of ownership doesn’t have to be serious business all the time. A lighthearted approach will take you a long way in your career in automotive sales. Make sure to smile often, ask customers plenty of questions about themselves and make them laugh!

What tips do you have for auto sales graduates who are thinking about working at a dealership?

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