The 4 Coolest Car Museums in the World

The Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

One thing that all students pursuing auto careers have in common is their love of cars. In fact, whether you are enrolled in auto mechanic training, or perhaps hoping to have an auto sales career, one thing that can’t be denied is your desire to get your hands on as many cool cars as you possibly can—even if you can’t actually keep them (or drive them).

Maybe you’re passionate about classic cars, or perhaps you prefer sleek, powerful sports cars. Whatever your preference, car museums give auto-lovers the chance to see the vehicles they dream of up close. Read on to learn more about some of the best car museums around the world.

Cité de l’Atomobile (Automobile City): Mulhouse, France

If you ever travel to France, be sure to take a detour through Mulhouse to visit the Cité de l’Atomobile museum. Auto-lovers know that this particular museum houses one of the largest car collections in the world. In fact, it features 520 cars from 98 different automakers.

The museum has got the world’s largest collection of Bugattis, including the first Veyron as well as a fleet of race cars from the 1930s. Cité de l’Atomobile also features a huge assortment of F-1s, rally cars, and endurance racers from the last 70 years. Additionally, there is a section consisting of earlier models, including a well-preserved selection of cars built between 1900-1920.

Mercedes-Benz Museum: Stuttgart, Germany

Visitors of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany typically begin their tour on the very top floor of the museum. This floor showcases a single white horse that represents one horsepower. As visitors make their way down this 9-level building, they are given the chance to explore Mercedes’ iconic history. They will view a wide variety of Mercedes vehicles including vintage models like the 1886 Dailmer motorized carriage and the 300SL, as well as modern ones like the B-Class B F-Cell.

During the tour, students pursuing automotive training might notice small details that other people would not. For instance, those who have experience in automotive painting might notice the difference in techniques used on older models compared to newer ones.

National Corvette Museum: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Auto enthusiasts know that this particular museum is quite unique. This is mainly because since 1980, every Corvette has been produced at its assembly line. In fact, many people combine their visits with a guided factory tour when visiting the national Corvette Museum. While featured exhibitions change from time to time, always on display is a 1982 Collector’s Edition Hatchback or a 1953 convertible.

An exhibit that might be especially interesting to students pursuing auto technician training is the racing area. Here, visitors can pretend they are pit crew members by changing tires and fuelling-up a Corvette. This area also features cutaways of engines and powertrains to give visitors a closer look at raw Corvette power.

Petersen Automotive Museum: Los Angeles, California

This museum houses tons of persevered historic vehicles. In fact, it has about 150 of such cars on display at any given time. Located in the heart of L.A., the 300,000 square foot museum is home to several permanent and rotating exhibits.

The Petersen Automotive Museum’s most notable exhibit is its “Hollywood Gallery,” which showcases a collection of rare models that were once featured in movies and TV shows. Some famous vehicles taking up residence in the museum include; a Batmobile and a rare 1938 400i Ferrari convertible that was once owned by Rod Stewart.

Check out this video tour of the Petersen Museum in L.A.:

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