4 Common Issues You’ll See After Auto Body Technician Training

For an aspiring technician who wants to specialize in auto body repair, you’ll be interested to know the common issues you’ll encounter that cause auto body damage to your customers’ vehicles after they drop them off for repairs. No matter how well they are driven by their owners, vehicles frequently end up in collisions, suffer from general wear and tear, and experience weather damage whether they’re parked or cruising down the road. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll get hands-on training in the auto body repair field. This will prepare you to perform auto body repairs for your customers, and deal with the various auto body issues your customers face as they bring in their cars for repairs. Read on to learn more about the four common issues you’ll encounter!

1. You’ll Encounter Major Collision Issues as an Auto Body Repair Technician

One of the most common causes of auto body damage that you’ll encounter throughout your career is a major collision. Major collision accidents cause severe and sometimes irreparable damages to your customers’ vehicles. Major collisions can ruin the frame and panels of a vehicle, destroy the windshields, cause the engine to malfunction and render the steering wheel inoperable. You’ll have to assess the level of damage as an auto body repair technician and start getting to work on the required repairs. With major collisions, you’ll probably have to replace the damaged panels if the effects are severe. 

As an auto body repair technician, you’ll encounter major collision damages throughout your career

2. You Can Count on Mother Nature to Cause Auto Body Damage

After you complete your auto body technician training, you’ll find that many of your customers come to you complaining about unforeseen damages to their vehicles. Many of these damages are caused by mother nature and most of the time they can’t be avoided. The exterior of your customers’ vehicles is always exposed to seasonal effects throughout the year. During summer, a vehicle’s tires can end up cracking and drying up, and the exterior paint can fade away. During winter, the exterior paint may start to corrode from exposure to the salt on the road, while the continuous fluctuation and drops in temperature can cause the windshield of the vehicle to crack. During the autumn and spring seasons, customers’ vehicles are exposed to heavy rain, hail and wind that can chip away at the paint and cause imperfections in the exterior or windshield of the vehicle. 

3. Exterior Body Dents Are Common Issues

Sometimes your customers’ vehicles will sustain minor to major dents to the exterior of their vehicles. Many of these dents could have been easily avoided, but due to negligence or bad luck, auto body damages can occur. Dents can occur because another vehicle was parked too close to your customer’s vehicle and the door was slammed wide open against it. Another cause is as simple as a pebble or rock from another vehicle’s tires smashing the exterior of your customer’s vehicle while they’re driving.

Exterior car dents are common issues you’ll encounter in an auto body repair shop

4. Minor Fender Bender Accidents

Minor fender bender accidents are quite common. Sometimes, however, your customers aren’t fully aware of how important it is to have their vehicles dropped off for inspection at an auto body repair shop after a fender bender accident. You’ll have to recommend to them that they have the vehicle’s minor bumps inspected properly. If left unattended, minor fender benders can cause severe issues with your customers’ vehicles, including damage to the frame of the vehicle, its windshield, engine, steering system and more.

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