4 of the Best Used Cars for Teenagers: A Guide for Grads of Auto Sales College

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Over the course of an auto sales career, you might help teens choose their very first car. Everyone remembers their first set of wheels. It’s a big step towards independence, and one that many teens look forward to. But while teenagers may be really excited to get behind the wheel of their first ride, parents might be more than a little anxious about the safety of their child.

Generally, young and inexperienced drivers need safety over style and high horsepower. Budget constraints also mean that reliable cars that can last a long time will also be a top choice. As a result, the best options in this area are mid-size sedans and smaller SUVs, due to the better stability and crash protection they provide. Keep reading to find out which used cars and SUVs you could recommend!

One of the Top Choices for Teens Is the Ford Fusion

One of the best used cars you can recommend after auto sales college is the Ford Fusion, which is favoured for its athletic handling and the fact that it’s available in all-wheel-drive. The 2010 is a good model to recommend, having then been named Car of the Year by Motor Trend. It has a great safety rating to affordability ratio and plenty of room in the trunk for sports equipment, instruments, or other extracurricular gear. This car’s high reliability also means it should last for a long time, making it a good investment for budget-conscious teens.

While teen buyers might have budgets that are a little tighter than other clients, if they can go above the $10,000 mark, then definitely recommend opting for a model after 2012 as this is when Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), a safety feature that helps prevent skids when turning, became mandatory for all cars. Also, the Ford Fusion’s 2013 redesign implemented the MyKey system that allows parents to set limits on speed, Bluetooth phone use, and radio volume for their teen drivers. Your youngest customers might not be keen, but their parents will surely thank you!

The Honda Accord Demonstrates That Not All Super Safe Cars Are Boring to Drive

Cars that give precedence to excellent safety features might not always be the most fun to drive, but this is not the case with the Honda Accord. Its swift and accurate handling makes sitting behind the wheel a truly enjoyable experience while not sacrificing safety and affordability. Good handling is further accompanied by generous driver visibility. Even the tallest passengers will enjoy riding in a Honda Accord as they can stretch out in its very spacious cabin. The only downside is that the interior, while spacious, is not particularly impressive. Fortunately, the fun driving dynamics of this vehicle definitely make up for it!

The Subaru Forester Is the Best Used SUV You Can Recommend to Teens After Auto Sales College

Sometimes an all-wheel-drive SUV is simply what’s needed in certain driving conditions, and in this case the best bet is the Subaru Forester. Yes, it’s not as luxurious or refined as some of its rivals, but it is very easy to drive, handles well, and has excellent safety ratings that will please concerned parents. It also has generous cargo space and is quite comfortable inside.

Because of its great all-wheel-drive system, the Subaru Forester is a good car for winter conditions. The Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are pretty ideal as well, but the Subaru directs power to all its wheels at different times to help the car stay on course. For those with a higher budget, 2014 and newer models are a good choice, while 2010-2013 models can also make for solid, and slightly more affordable, options.

For Those Looking for an Attractive Interior, the Kia Optima Could Be the One

Professionals in automotive sales careers know that sometimes the interior of a car means a whole lot to a prospective buyer. Though teenagers should be focusing primarily on safety, sometimes the inside will really just make it or break it. In this case, the Kia Optima deserves to be mentioned as a safe car with an upscale interior and roomy seats. This vehicle has also been praised for its athletic handling, good fuel economy, and intuitive tech features. A not-so-optimal feature is limited headroom in the rear of the car, which means that tall passengers may end up feeling a bit crammed.

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