4 Car Releases Every Student in Automotive School Should Be Looking For

With summer approaching soon, brand-new vehicles or updates to beloved classics are starting to make their way to the distribution line. As coronavirus starts to dwindle, automakers are ramping up their production schedules in anticipation of a summer rush. This year, enthusiasts will be pleased to know that they’ll be witnessing the returns of some acclaimed autos, as well as the release of new, progressive vehicles. 

After automotive school, you’ll have many different routes into an auto career, whether in a dealership, a repair facility, or as an entrepreneur. No matter what position you find yourself in, you can be sure that keeping up to date with new trends will be useful. Read on for 4 upcoming releases to keep your eyes out for during the coming months. 

The GV80, Genesis’ First SUV 

Genesis, the luxury auto division of South Korea’s Hyundai, has an exciting release up their sleeves for 2020 – the first SUV in its line of high-end vehicles. The Genesis GV80 will be a direct competitor to the BMW X5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class, and is a sturdy and high-tech vehicle starting from $64,500 CAD. 

Like the rest of Genesis’ vehicles, the GV80 will have an impressive array of high-tech features. This model comes fitted with a 14.5-inch touchscreen, a power liftgate, and heated and massaging front seats. 

The luxury SUV also contains a semi-autonomous driving mode that learns how the owner drives and mimics it when turned on. The GV80 has either a 2.5-litre four-cylinder or 3.5-litre V-6 engine, and a standard rear-wheel drive that can be upgraded to all-wheel drive. 

The Rivian Name Will Soon Resonate with Those in Auto Careers 

The Michigan-based electric vehicle startup, though not yet a household name, has caused waves among car enthusiast communities and workers in auto careers. Much of the excitement has centered around the major investments provided to Rivian by Amazon and Ford recently. This year, they’re pushing the pickup truck into the future with the first major electric model, the Rivian R1T. 

Look at the Rivian R1T in this short clip: 

The small company is getting a headstart on the heavily anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, which won’t be released until at least 2021. The R1T comes fitted with competitive statistics, allowing more than 640 kilometres of driving range and acceleration times comparable with a supercar. This vehicle is sure to please any truck lover, with a standard all-wheel drive, adjustable air suspension, and the ability to tow more than 11,000 pounds. 

Tesla’s Mass-Market SUV, the Model Y  

Tesla fans have cause for celebration in the Model Y, the progressive carmaker’s first compact SUV. This Tesla is aimed at luxury SUV buyers and is predicted to be Tesla’s bestseller. Though still pricey at more than $70,000 CAD, it’s less than two-thirds of the price of the Model X. 

The Model Y has a lot in common with Tesla’s Model 3 sedan, but its higher centre of gravity slightly dulls the agile handling of the 3. It will come in three different trims: Long Range, Standard, and Performance. The Long Range and Standard both have a driving range of nearly 510 kilometres, and all models contain a standard all-wheel drive and impressive acceleration. 

The Return of the Land Rover Defender 

Students in automotive school should be excited to see the long-overdue return of this fan-favourite. The original Land Rover Defender from the 1950s is finally making a comeback, upgraded for the modern day, but still evoking the beloved classic vehicle. Unlike the original, this English response to the Jeep will be available in North America. 

Check out the new Defender in this clip: 


The 21st-century Defender will be available in two-door and four-door models built on different wheelbases and with varying amounts of internal room. Though all the models will have all-wheel drive with locking differentials and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with eight-speed automatic transmission, there are many different trims available to suit a variety of consumer needs. Fans will be pleased to hear that this auto has serious off-road capabilities, with 11.5 inches of ground clearance and the ability to move through 35.4 inches of water. 

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