4 Buyer Personality Types and How You Can Sell to Them After Car Sales Training

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Catering to the personality of each customer you encounter can help you close a sale

Every customer who walks into a car dealership has a different story, personality type, preference, and reason for being there. Whether they are looking to finally purchase their dream car, replace an old one, or invest in a family vehicle, they will all require a different sales technique. As a professional automotive salesperson, knowing about different buyer personality types can help you impress your clients and close a sale.

Here are four buyer personality types that you might encounter during your future career.

1. The “Driver” Explained for Students in Car Sales Training

You can spot a driver personality type from a mile away, since they typically speak in a loud and confident tone. They will also use sharp hand signals to emphasize their points and might sometimes come off as impatient.

When selling to a driver its best to keep your presentation short and concise, because drivers value their time. Presenting facts and explanations in a direct manner will go a long way when impressing a driver. Drivers are also notoriously competitive, so when selling to them it’s a good idea to point out how the vehicle they’re considering outperforms the competition.

2. The “Expressive” Analyzed for Students in Auto Sales College

Professionals with automotive sales careers will likely encounter plenty of expressive buyer types. Upon entering your dealership, you will spot them for their extremely friendly and personable demeanor. This buyer type will likely think out loud, which makes it easier for you to understand where they are in the sales process.

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Expressive buyer types are friendly and personable

To build rapport with an expressive buyer, it helps to ask lots of questions about them and their needs. In addition, the expressive buyer appreciates endorsements and isn’t adverse to name dropping. Therefore, if you have any valuable connections, make sure to use them to your advantage. Personalized service works best for the expressive, so making them feel as if they are your most valued client will help you win over their appreciation.

3. The “Amiable” Explained for Students in Car Sales Training

Once you’ve impressed an amiable buyer, you’ve likely achieved a client for life. Amiable buyers are extremely loyal and relationship orientated. If they have a great experience purchasing a car at your dealership, you can expect plenty of referrals from them.

You’ll know you’ve encountered an amiable buyer if they come off as polite, respectful, and friendly. They will often reserve their true opinion in order to avoid offending you. When selling to an amiable buyer after car sales training, be sure to build genuine trust, be transparent, and show them your personality. A genuine connection will help an amiable buyer feel more comfortable and ready to make a purchase.

4. The “Analytic” Analyzed for Students in Auto Sales College

You know you’re selling a vehicle to an analytical buyer when you’ve barely met and they seem ready to get down to business. They will often say very little, but will listen intently to what you have to say. Sometimes an analytical buyer will seem indecisive, but this is often not the case. This impression is due to their reluctance to make a decision without having all the facts.

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Analytic buyers will listen intently to the information you have to share

In order to close a sale with an analytic, it is essential to present accurate facts and figures. Analytical buyers will analyze everything you say, so making embellishments or exaggerations will deter them from trusting you. In addition, before you present any information make sure it is completely accurate and correct. It is easy to lose an analytical buyer’s trust if they catch a mistake in your presentation.

Analytical buyers will rarely make a decision on the spot. To encourage a sale with an analytic buyer, provide them with extra information about the vehicles they are considering, and give them time to review it on their own. This will help them gather all the facts, and help them come to a final decision.

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