4 Benefits to Working Night Shifts After Dispatch Training

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Understandably, when most people think of working the night shift they imagine feeling tired all the time, falling asleep on the job, and never seeing the light of day. However, with good habits night shift workers can easily avoid these downfalls! Working the night shift as a dispatcher has some unexpected benefits you may not have considered. In fact, many workers in a variety of careers like nursing, customer support, and even dispatching specifically choose to work night shifts because of the lifestyle it provides them. Of all people employed in Canada, approximately 30 per cent work non-standard hours like evenings and nights.

If you’re interested in a dispatching career, read on to find out why working the night shift may be the right choice for you after you successfully complete your program.

1. Working Nights After Dispatch Training Means an Easier Commute

Driving during rush hour can be enough to unsettle even the calmest driver. That’s why working nights after truck dispatcher courses in BC pays off when it comes to driving to and from work. With shifts starting hours after most people are making their commute home and finishing hours before people are making their commutes to work, you can avoid the bumper to bumper hustle and bustle. Depending on where you live, this could give you back an extra hour (or more!) of your day you didn’t have before.

2. Working the Night Shift After Dispatch Training Often Offers Higher Pay

In most industries workers who are on duty for the night shift make higher wages than daytime workers. As a result, after dispatch training you may be able to work less and make just as much money as you would if you were working days. Or, you can continue with your workload and enjoy the extra money you’re earning working during the night. It’s important to remember pay will vary by company, and not every company may offer additional compensation for working overnight.

3. Working Nights After Dispatch Training Is Convenient if You Have Other Responsibilities

Many workers choose to work the night shift because it allows them more freedom during the day. This can be especially handy for dispatchers who are parents. Often parents will work the night shift once they become dispatchers so they can spend more time with their children. In fact, research has shown that parents who work night shifts spend 30 minutes more on average per day in the company of their children.


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Night shifts give you more time with family and in daylight


4. Working the Night Shift After Dispatch Training Means You Enjoy More Daylight

Whether you’re working as a dispatcher during the day or night, you’re going to be working inside away from the outdoors and sunshine. The benefit of working nights is that you ensure that the hours that you do have off are light outside. In fact, studies have demonstrated that night shift workers have higher rates of sun exposure and healthier levels of vitamin D. If you like to be outside and enjoy the great outdoors, night shifts may be right for you!

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