4 Benefits of Maintaining a Parts Management System After Auto Mechanic School

A parts management system is an essential component of an auto repair shop. Every professional mechanic should consider implementing and maintaining this system. It helps them to run their auto shop smoothly by keeping track of and managing their auto parts inventory with ease. With so many different vehicles on the road, it’s always a good idea to have a system in place that can meet the needs of your customers without delays.

At ATC Toronto, you’ll get hands-on training in automotive service operations. You’ll learn about automotive parts management, automotive systems, parts management procedures and much more. You’ll be prepared to launch your auto mechanic career and make use of a parts management system around your auto shop. Discover the benefits of a parts management system below!

1. Track Parts Across Multiple Locations When You Become a Certified Mechanic

Whether you launch your career in an auto shop or start your own business, you’ll want to implement and maintain a parts management system, especially if you have or plan to have multiple locations to serve your customers. These systems make your job a whole lot easier and more efficient when searching for auto parts at a different location. Instead of contacting each location to find out if a certain part is available when you become a certified mechanic, you can search from the comfort of your workplace. This helps you avoid delays with future orders and manage your time properly as you plan for deliveries or customer pick-ups. Gone are the days of back-and-forth phone calls and long wait times!

2. Take Inventory Tracking to Another Level

After you finish your training at an auto mechanic school, you may be expected to manage the parts inventory around an auto shop. Without a proper system in place, auto shops are at risk of spending unnecessary money on this work. By maintaining a parts inventory management system, you can avoid the manual tracking of inventory, which allows you to focus on the administrative and repair operation responsibilities of the auto shop. With a parts management system in place, you can access and locate auto parts with the simple click of a button. Using this system can prevent your auto shop from incurring costs due to overstocking of parts that aren’t needed. It also monitors your inventory to ensure that you have everything you need for the daily operations and work orders, avoiding further disruption and customer dissatisfaction. 

With the use of a parts management system, you won’t have to manually track inventories after auto mechanic school

3. A Happy Customer Is Always Good for Business

When you implement a parts management system around the auto shop, your business operations run smoothly and you’re able to manage work orders on time. This translates to happy customers who continue to come to you for maintenance and repairs. The system allows you to immediately respond to customer inquiries around scheduling repair times and vehicle pick-ups since you’ll be able to see when the parts are available through the system. This leads to customer satisfaction and the guarantee that work orders are fulfilled on time. Customers are the bread and butter of any business. By keeping them happy with accurate and efficient services, you can encourage loyalty to your auto service business. 

A parts management system ensures that your customers are happy

4. Make Use of Barcodes Easily

When you work in automotive service operations, you don’t want to spend time manually inputting Universal Product Codes (UPC) and neither do your colleagues. Manually recording UPC into a spreadsheet poses the risk of inaccurate recordings. Not to mention, it can take away from other important service and repair aspects of the business that require your attention. A parts management system allows you to use barcode scanning features to scan parts efficiently and ensure that your inventory is always updated accurately. 

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