4 Benefits of Instructor-Led Automotive Training Online

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Choosing to study automotive courses online has a long list of benefits. Students can take classes in their own home, balance study with other commitments, and also learn from experienced professionals – just like in the real classroom!

At ATC, our online training is instructor-led, meaning that students can learn from trained professionals and ask questions in real time. Read on to find out some of the many benefits to instructor-led training.

Ask Questions in Online Automotive Training

One of the main benefits of instructor-led training is that students can ask questions. If you are learning from just a textbook or a video, it can be difficult to get real-time, detailed answers to specific questions.

However, in an instructor-led automotive training course, you can ask an experienced professional any questions that you might have. This will enhance your learning and help you to dive deeper into certain subjects. Whether you’re interested in auto technology, sales, or any other area, you will have the opportunity to learn from an expert.

As well as this, some questions don’t always have a simple answer. Having an instructor on hand means that you can discuss the topic with someone who knows the subject well and can help you to understand. You will also be more likely to remember the facts from an in-depth conversation than something that you skimmed in a textbook.

Tailored Lessons to Suit Different Learning Styles and Interests

Instructors at ATC can adapt their lessons to their students. Some people might find it difficult to learn from textbooks, especially when preparing for automotive careers, which are hands-on and practical. An instructor might be able to give virtual demonstrations, and will also be able to speak from their own experiences. 

What’s more, an instructor will be on-hand to resolve any misunderstandings or confusion quickly. It can be easy to misinterpret technical information when you’re learning independently. Having an online teacher will make sure that you’ve correctly understood everything you are learning.

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Instructor-led training means you can learn from someone with years of experience

Be Inspired by Successful Industry Professionals

Learning from an experienced professional with a successful history within the automotive field could be inspiring for students. You might see all of the things that your tutor has achieved and be inspired to do the same.

An instructor is also there to motivate you. Students might be less likely to skip online training or fall behind if there is a senior person encouraging them to continue and reach their goals.

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An instructor is there to motivate and inspire students

Instructors Add Structure

Instructor-led training courses tend to have more structure than other online classes. This is because the lessons and course progression need to be at set times to fit in with the teacher’s schedule.  The instructor might also set deadlines for class work.

This added structure can help students that are struggling to work from home, while still allowing the flexibility you need to go at your own pace. It adds another element of positive pressure, and can replicate the classroom feel.

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