4 Advantages of Becoming a Mobile Auto Mechanic After Auto Mechanic Training

While demand for mechanics remains steady, thanks to the rise in total vehicle registrations in Canada, many qualified mechanics are discovering that working in a garage or a dealership isn’t the job they’d dreamed of. Long hours, fixed schedules and repetitive work can all put a damper on life as a mechanic. However, if you’re currently completing your automotive training and preparing to launch your career, there could be an alternative opportunity available to you in the field.

Instead of being based out of a garage, mobile mechanics visit the homes or locations of their clients to perform their services, travelling with their tools in tow. Not only are the services they offer more convenient for clients, who avoid having to take their car to the garage themselves, but there are also many advantages to performing this type of work for mechanics.

Below, discover four advantages to opening your own mobile mechanic business after completing your automotive training at ATC Cambridge.

The Startup Costs Are Low and the Pay is High

As a mobile mechanic, you won’t need much to operate a successful business. After auto mechanic training, you’ll simply need to acquire the necessary repair tools and a van that is capable of transporting you and your tools from one location to the next. As a mobile mechanic, you can avoid the overhead fees associated with regular garages, making it easier to start your business for less money. Additionally, as a mobile mechanic, you’ll have the freedom to determine your own wages, charging customers a set price for the repairs you perform. As a result, the pay is often much higher than it is when working with a team in a traditional garage.

After auto mechanic training, becoming a mobile mechanic can be more lucrative

Your Schedule Will Be Flexible

Mobile automotive technicians benefit from extremely flexible schedules. You won’t need to request time off or check in with your boss about taking a personal day. Making vacation plans also becomes a whole lot simpler. As a mobile mechanic, all you need to do is schedule your appointments with clients at times that work for you. While it will be up to you to ensure that you’re working enough hours to have a sustainable and profitable business, the level of flexibility you’ll have as a mobile mechanic is definitely a perk.

After Mechanic School, You Can Be Your Own Boss 

Professionals in auto careers who’ve worked in garages and dealerships know the trials and tribulations that can come with the power dynamics at play in the workplace. The problems associated with performing repairs as directed by your boss can add up, not to mention dealing with customers whose vehicle you might not even be in charge of. However, as a mobile mechanic, these problems are all avoidable. As a mobile mechanic, you have the freedom to decide which clients and vehicles you want to work with. At the same time, you’ll perform repairs and diagnose vehicles the way you think best. Thanks to these advantages, you’re sure to see your work satisfaction increase.

You get to make decisions for yourself as a mobile mechanic

It’s Easier to Find Clients

Once you become a mobile mechanic, marketing will get a lot easier. While regular garages and dealerships must rely on customers coming to them, as a mobile mechanic, you can go to your customers. You can advertise your services in different neighbourhoods, and customers will love the ease with which the repair process occurs. This convenient and innovative model of business will attract new customers, while encouraging them to refer you to their friends and family, expanding your business even further.

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