3 Welding Safety Tips for Students in Car Body Repair Courses

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Though high heat and flying sparks are involved, welding is very safe when done correctly. That means observing sensible safety protocol, using tools in the manner they’re meant to be used, and not messing around. Welding is important work that should be taken seriously.

Wondering what’s involved in safe, sensible welding practice? Here’s a look at some of the best practices that auto body professionals can follow while welding. Sticking to this advice will help ensure that you remain safe and sound when doing welding.

1. After Your Car Body Repair Courses, Wear a Shaded Helmet for Eye Safety When Welding

Sparks and eyes aren’t the best match for each other, so a hugely important tip to follow when doing welding work on auto body parts is to be sure that you wear eye protection.

In addition to the physical damage that can be caused by a stray spark, the brightness of an active welding power supply can be enough to cause temporary or even permanent blindness or other vision issues. For that reason, it’s recommended that welding be done only when you are wearing a protective mask that includes shaded lenses. This will ensure that your eyes (and face!) are protected from being damaged while you weld auto body parts.

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Protective headgear can help ensure your eyes aren’t damaged while welding

2. Use Full-Body Covering to Ensure the Rest of You Stays Safe, Too

Superhot sparks don’t discriminate—they’ll land on any part of you they can—which means face protection won’t be enough. To avoid welts all over, it’s best to wear clothing that is resistant to the high temperatures of welding sparks.

Denim, thick, flame-resistant materials, or an outfit specifically designed for welding, are all good options to wear when doing welding work. It’s also important to wear good, durable shoes and ear protection. Getting a stray spark on your foot, or inside your ear, will not be a good time.

You’ll learn about welding safety during your car body repair courses, and it’s important that you pay close attention and follow all the recommendations as best you can. Doing so will allow you to make welding a normal, routine activity, and not something that could cause you harm.

3. Auto Body Repair Technicians Should Keep Their Workspaces Clean While Welding

As a general safety tip, it’s best to keep your work area as tidy as possible when working as an auto body repair technician. Stray items can catch on cords, trip you up, and create other hazards that could harm you while you work.

Since welding involves working with specialized, high-energy implements, it’s especially important to keep your workspace clean and tidy. Something as simple as a little puddle of water, should it somehow accidentally interact with your welding power supply, could lead to a serious accident.

Pay close attention to your work area, clean and tidy as you go, and don’t be afraid to take a little extra time to ensure your workspace is safe before beginning a welding job.

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