3 Ways Grads with Dispatch Training Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Customers respond positively to companies that are passionate about customer service. In fact, customers often base their business reviews on whether or not they have interacted with a customer service representative who was helpful and compassionate. According to a poll of 1,000 people done by Kayako.com, 60% of customers who have had a poor customer service experience at a company are very unlikely to return; clearly, exceptional customer service is an integral part of keeping business coming in—and dispatch is no exception.

Read on to discover three ways that dispatch training graduates can provide great customer service support, and take their careers to the next level.

1. Grads of Dispatch School Remember Customer’s Names

Connecting with a customer is much easier when you remember their first name, since addressing people by their first name is one of the easiest ways to connect with them on a personal level. If you have trouble remembering people’s names, you’re not alone. A recent study found that almost 85% of middle-aged or older adults forget people’s names. Thankfully, there are many methods that can dramatically increase your ability to remember names. One of the most tried and tested of these methods is repetition. When someone mentions their name, repeat it back to them immediately after. For example, if a customer introduces himself as Marc, use his name in the next sentence, maybe by asking “How can I help you, Marc?”, and then repeat it once more before ending the conversation.

2. Dispatch Training Pros Try to Anticipate a Customer’s Needs

Once you’ve completed dispatch training and begun your career, one way to provide good customer service is to be proactive with customers and ask questions about their experience, especially if you see that their body language or tone of voice may be hinting that they have something more they might want to say. For instance, if a customer is speaking about the transportation services they have received and proceeds to fold their arms, it may be a sign that they are holding back some criticism. By asking them for additional feedback, you can help get to the bottom of any potential issue early and ensure that your customer feels well looked after.

3. Dispatch Training Students Become Knowledgeable About Transportation Services

One of the best steps you can take towards providing excellent customer service is to become extremely knowledgeable about the transportation industry, as well as the services your employer is providing. That’s where top training is likely to make a key difference in your career. Taking a dispatch course can provide students with the transportation industry knowledge that enables them to speak to clients with a great amount of knowledge. That knowledge will help put customers at ease, as they realise that they are doing business with an employee who knows the industry and the best way to get the job done.

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