A Look at 3 Top Truck Manufacturers for Students in Dispatch Schools

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For drivers, the features of a truck—like window visibility, comfortable seats, and even cup holders—can have a huge impact on productivity and morale. Trucks can also significantly affect a company’s profitability. Fuel economy, reliability, and truck performance play a direct role in determining costs. Because of this, trucking companies often turn to top manufacturers for trucks they know will keep them profitable and their drivers happy. If you’re interested in enrolling in dispatcher training, your drivers may end up driving a truck made by one of these top companies.

1. Students in Dispatcher Training May Know of International Trucks

International Trucks was established in 1902 and has since grown significantly and developed a great reputation among trucking professionals. Its products are now sold by nearly 1,000 different dealer outlets located across various countries, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. Parent company Navistar International Corporation owns International Trucks and is one of the top medium-duty and heavy-duty truck manufacturers in the world.

Part of the reason behind its staggering popularity is that International Trucks places a lot of focus on the driver experience. Its vehicles feature comfortable cabin space, functionality over frills, and higher visibility. As grads of dispatch schools know, driver comfort and safety is paramount in the trucking industry.

International Trucks currently offers eight different truck models, including the Durastar medium-duty truck and the LT Series heavy-duty truck. However, buyers aren’t limited to those specific models alone. The company also allows customers to configure their own customized truck with its Build Your Own Truck feature. Who knows, you might even see one of these customized trucks during your career!

2. Students in Dispatch Schools May Know of Peterbilt Motors Company

Peterbilt Motors Company has been making trucks in America since 1939. In fact, the brand is so well known among truckers that it’s often referred to by the endearing nickname “Pete.” “Pete” offers a wide range of products including heavy-duty, on highway, medium-duty, and alternative fuel trucks.

Peterbilt trucks are known for their high price tag and the great quality that comes with it. However, what sets Peterbilt apart from the crowd is its initiative to go green. Peterbilt designs trucks that are environmentally friendly, responsible, and good on gas. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also helps trucking companies save money on fuel costs. Depending on where you start your career after dispatcher training, chances are you’ll be hearing your drivers talk about “Pete” a lot.

3. Students in Dispatcher Training May Know of Volvo Trucks

The very first Volvo trucks were manufactured all the way back in 1928. Since then, Volvo has built a solid reputation in the trucking industry. In fact, every year Volvo Trucks sells approximately 100,000 vehicles. Those impressive sales are driven by the company’s commitment to fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety, and uptime (time on the road)—all which are common pain points for owners of trucking companies.

In addition, Volvo is also hard at work on innovation. Recently, Volvo made headlines after introducing the Volvo Active Driver Assist, a system designed to reduce collisions. The system uses a camera and radar to improve driver safety while on the road and could have a big impact on the trucking industry.

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