3 of the Top Causes of Car Crashes for Students in Online Collision Estimator Training

Driving responsibly is important. After all, it can be the difference between life and death for the driver and those around them. Causes of car crashes can extend to many different things, whether that’s reckless driving, speed, mechanical issues, driving under the influence, texting while driving, or road hazards. 

Any of these variables can cause accidents that otherwise could have been prevented. While there are many possible causes of car crashes, we’re going to take a look at just a few of the most common causes, and why they’re avoidable. Here are some of the biggest reasons car crashes happen.

Distracted Driving: Why Drivers Need to Put Their Phones Down

Any scenario where the driver’s attention is away from the road is asking for trouble, and this is especially the case if the driver is too focused on reading or writing text messages rather than paying full attention to their surroundings. 

While this isn’t the only form of distracted driving that can cause an accident – talking on the phone, daydreaming, and eating snacks come to mind – texting while driving is arguably the biggest cause of accidents. 

This can lead to catastrophic situations like swerving out of a lane and hitting other cars, or possible rear-end collisions. Such distractions may be fleeting, but even a couple of seconds with your eyes off the road can spell serious trouble.

Texting and driving is considered to be the biggest cause of road accidents

Driving Under the Influence: Why You Need a Designated Driver

If a driver has been out drinking or is clearly too intoxicated to step behind the wheel, it is simply common sense that they either call a cab or Uber home, or that they have a sober friend act as their designated driver. 

Otherwise, their concentration and response time can be impaired. Those doing their online training in the automotive industry shouldn’t need to have this explained to them, but it still bears emphasizing that accidents can easily happen if a driver is under the influence of substances like alcohol or cannabis. This cause of accidents is extremely preventable, and poses a serious danger to the lives of both the driver and passengers.

Driver Fatigue: What Those Pursuing Auto Careers Online Should Know

Students doing online collision estimator training should also be aware of the importance of drivers staying alert and getting sufficient hours of sleep before stepping behind the wheel of a vehicle. Fatigued driving can be the result of not doing either of these things, or from taking medication with side effects that include drowsiness.

If drivers feel drowsy, they need to pull over and take a nap

Those who are feeling drowsy while behind the wheel must pull over to take a nap whenever it is safe to do so, as fatigued driving can lessen a driver’s response time in similar ways to driving under the influence. A driver can’t stay fully aware and alert of the happenings around them if they are fighting off drowsiness while driving.

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