3 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter that Could Land You Your Dream Auto Service Advisor Job

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The idea of job hunting can be understandably nerve-wracking for students and new graduates. However, it’s a very exciting time that you should look forward to! The first step is to create a professional resume and cover letter that will impress any hiring manager. Writing an impressive cover letter can seem tricky. Fortunately, if you find the concept of writing a cover letter overwhelming and don’t know where to begin, you’re in the right place!

Read on to discover three great tips for writing cover letters that will help you land an interview and a job as an auto service advisor.

1. Avoid Repeating Your Resume When Writing Your Auto Service Advisor Cover Letter

Many job listings will ask you to submit not only a resume, but a cover letter as well. While a resume is great for presenting an overview of your professional, educational, and even recreational experience, it doesn’t provide the same in-depth information a cover letter does. A cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate who you are and why you’re uniquely qualified for the job. By repeating your resume, you’re not only doing yourself a huge disservice, you’re also wasting the hiring manager’s time.

Job applicants have just a few short moments to make a lasting first impression. Instead of using your cover letter to repeat your resume in paragraph form, use it as an opportunity to tell a story about why you’re a great fit for the organization. You should use your cover letter to provide detailed examples about key points you briefly mentioned on your resume.

For example, on your resume you’ll likely mention that you’ve recently completed service manager training. In your cover letter, tell a valuable story about your training that demonstrates you’re qualified for the job. If the listing wants an applicant with strong customer service skills, for example, you could mention how you developed that skillset throughout your training.

2. Carefully Review the Auto Service Advisor Job Ad for Key Points

Another way to customize your cover letter is to carefully analyze the job posting for key points and then integrate them into your cover letter. For example, say you come across an auto service advisor job posting that mentions communication skills several times. It’s obvious the hiring manager values strong communication. Therefore, you should mention your communication skills and integrate a real-life example of how you’ve used them. Not only will it demonstrate that you’re qualified for the job, but it’ll help you stand out from other applicants. Some companies use programs that search cover letters and resumes for keywords. By including important keywords like communication, organization skills, and more in your cover letter, you help ensure no computer program passes by your application.

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Carefully review the job ad for the most important points

3. Customize Your Auto Service Advisor Resume for Each Unique Job Posting

A sure-fire way to stand out is to customize your cover letter for each job application. While it’s perfectly fine to have a base cover letter template, you should modify it each time you apply for a job.

There are several different ways you can tailor your cover letter. For example, you can mention why you want to work for the specific organization you’re applying to, talk about the history of the company, or mention a personal experience you’ve had that made you want to work for them. Showing a genuine interest in the company will go a long way in impressing the manager—especially since other job applicants may not do the same.

One important thing to remember is to always make sure you update any mentions of the company’s name, the hiring manager’s name, and anything else specific to the company. If you’re nervous about making a mistake, ask a friend, classmate, or family member to carefully review your cover letter for any errors.

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