3 Tips for Starting Your Own Business After Auto Detailing Training

Every car enthusiast loves the feeling they get when their car is cleaned inside out, and it’s sparkling from end to end. Alternatively, many people pay top dollar to get their cars professionally detailed to give them a higher value if they are planning to resell. With the growth of e-hailing and other shared mobility options, many drivers also turn to professional detailing to maintain their commercial vehicles. 

If you are looking for an in-demand career and have an entrepreneurial spirit, Auto Detailing may be the perfect career for you. You can earn an industry-recognized certificate for Auto Detailing in just two weeks at ATC Surrey!

Check out these three tips for starting your own business after completing your auto detailing training.

Choose Between Traditional Brick and Mortar or Mobile Auto Detailing 

The car wash and auto detailing industry in Canada generates over $1.2 billion dollars a year and is expected to keep growing. This means that both traditional and mobile detailing options have the potential to be very lucrative. It’s important to carefully do your research and weigh the many pros and cons of these two options to figure out which auto detailing career is the better option for you. 

You may find that mobile detailing offers the advantages of fewer start-up costs, easier licencing processes and providing clients with the convenience of showing up at their front door. Alternatively, a brick-and-motor shop can be more expensive due to leases and equipment, however, clients tend to notice and trust a professional shop, and you’ll have the space and equipment to offer more specialized and high-end services to multiple clients at a time. 

You can complete your auto detailing training in just two weeks at ATC Surrey

Create a Business Plan for Your Auto Detailing Career

  • Management and Employee Structure
  • Detailing Services and Prices
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing Plan
  • Estimated Start-up Costs
  • Revenue Goals

A well-written business path can be compared to the GPS in a car. It guides you through each stage of your new and growing business. As well, if you’re considering investors or any type of small business loan, many will require a business plan to consider you for the loan. It also doesn’t have to be intimidating. There is no right or wrong way to write a business plan, and there are many resources and templates that you can easily find online to help you.

Creating a business plan will set you in the right direction after your auto detailing training

Protect Yourself and your Client Vehicles by Getting Insured

Many people’s vehicles are one of their most valuable assets and prized possessions. Regardless of the industry, but especially true in auto careers, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your business is in the best interests of yourself, your employees and your clients. 

General liability insurance for businesses will often cover property damage, bodily injury, medical payments, and legal fees. Not only will you feel safe on the job every day knowing you and your employees are covered, but clients will be happy to know that their car is safe in your hands. 

During ATC’s Auto Detailing training, you’ll learn practical skills in-shop such as showroom preparation, used vehicle preparation, interior and exterior reconditioning, vehicle paint surface repair, and more. After completing ATC’s comprehensive hands-on program and exam, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate and feel confident joining a team or becoming your own boss.

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