3 Tips for Choosing Good Car Soap After Auto Detailing Training

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Choosing the right products is the first step in completing the perfect detailing job. Unfortunately, there are tons of products on the market, each one claiming it can help make cars sparkle. How do you choose the right one? As a professional automotive detailer, your clients will trust you to use the best products when servicing their vehicles.

Here are three pointers that can help you choose the best automotive soap for your next automotive detailing job.

1. After Auto Detailing Training, Choose Soap That Is pH Balanced

When you start your professional automotive detailing career, it’s important to consider the pH level of car soaps. A pH level indicates the relationship between hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions within a substance. A surplus of hydrogen ions will make soap more acidic and a surplus of hydroxyl ions will make soap more alkali or basic.

Soap with a PH level of seven or less is acidic, seven is neutral, and more than seven is basic. When choosing a soap to clean the car’s exterior paint, its best to opt for a soap that has a neutral pH of seven. By choosing a neutral soap you help ensure the soap does not alter the chemistry of the paint and protective coat, potentially damaging it in the process.

2. After Auto Detailing Training, Choose the Right Soap for Different Areas of the Vehicle

Every area of the vehicle you detail will demand a different cleaning solution. As you may learn in your auto detailing training, you shouldn’t be using tire cleaner to clean the seats in a vehicle. It would completely backfire and you would end up staining the seats with a greasy cleaner.

professional automotive detailing
You wouldn’t use a tire cleaner to clean a car’s seats

When picking soaps and cleaners for detailing, it’s best to make sure you buy products specific for each area of a car. Not only do you avoid the risk of damaging the vehicle. You can rest assured the products will provide the best result while most importantly keeping your clients happy and satisfied.

3. Avoid Soap with Product Claims That Are Too Good to Be True

It may be tempting to opt for soaps claiming to be “waterless” or “two in one, wash and wax” solutions. However, these claims are often too good to be true and inexperienced auto detailers can be left paying the price.

There are hundreds of different products you can purchase to make your client’s vehicles look perfect. Each of those products has a very specific purpose which makes them so effective. When products claim they can solve multiple problems, it’s most likely they will end up just creating them. These combination products are known to have unbalanced pH levels and harsh chemicals. At minimum you will be left with an ugly and imperfect finish on a car. In a worst case scenario the products could cause expensive damage a client’s vehicle. Therefore, it’s best to stick with standard products that are recommended by fellow professionals.

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