3 Tips for Acing Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Interview

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In a survey, one third of employers indicated that they know if they are going to hire an applicant within the first 90 seconds of an interview. This gives you, a student hoping to achieve your dream auto mechanic apprenticeship, only a minute and a half to make the best impression possible. This may sound intimidating, but with the right attitude and preparation you can impress your interviewer right away and then continue to sell them throughout your interview!

Are you curious to learn how you can sharpen your interview skills in order to ace that interview for your ideal apprenticeship position? Read on for four great tips.

1. Before Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Interview, Do Research on the Company

You’ve just gotten a call that a local auto mechanic shop would like you to come in for an interview later this week. After you get off the phone you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. One way you can put that energy to good work is by researching the company. Familiarizing yourself with the organization is a key interview preparation step many people forget that can set you apart from the crowd.

While you’re researching you should get to know what the company does, what its values are, and why you think you’re the right fit. These insights will be valuable to refer back to during an interview. For example, you may be asked a question like “Why do you want to complete your apprenticeship at our shop?” Based on your research you can provide a truthful answer that shows you’ve gone the extra mile to really understand what the company is about and how you fit in.

2. Before Your Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship Interview, Revise Your Resume

If you’re going to spend time researching the company, it’s also smart to invest some time in reviewing your own qualifications and the attributes you gained during your auto mechanic certification program.

Take a read through of your resume and circle experiences or skills you think the interviewer may ask you about. Then, think of several real life examples and stories you can share if asked about those points during your interview. Having these stories at the ready will allow you to answer the interviewer’s questions while thoroughly demonstrating how you’re qualified for the auto mechanic apprenticeship.

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Review your own resume, skills, and experiences before an interview

3. During Your Interview, Accept That You Will Be Nervous

According to research, 92 per cent of adults are anxious about job interviews. The fact of the matter is preparing for an interview will help with nerves, but chances are you will still have some butterflies the day of the interview. The best way to combat nerves is to accept them as they come. By accepting your nervous energy, you can focus your attention on something else rather than beating yourself up over sweaty palms or a shaky voice.

The best way to do this during the interview is to sit straight and put your shoulders back. Breathe deeply and speak slowly. There’s no rush in an interview. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed there is no harm in stopping and taking a deep breath. What seems like an eternity to you likely only comes across as a couple seconds to the interviewer. In addition, it shows that you are composed and thoughtful. Remember that as much as you’re being interviewed for the position, you are also assessing if that position is right for your own personal goals and aspirations.

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Don’t be afraid to stop and take a deep breath during your interview

Remember, you are a recent graduate and the interviewer knows that you’re still just beginning your journey to a new career. Demonstrate your excitement to be a part of the company and the in-depth training you gained during your studies. And most importantly, be yourself!

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