3 Surprising Soft Skills You’ll Gain During Auto Detailing Training

If you’re considering an auto detailing career, a good training program will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on skills you’ll need to thrive, including interior reconditioning, exterior preparation, and paint surface repair, to name a few. Alongside these technical skills, there are several soft skills you should master to gain an edge in your field.

Soft skills are skills that are useful in whatever career you enter. To get you excited about your training at ATC Montreal, we’ve compiled a list of four surprising soft skills you’ll gain during your time with us. Read on to find out more!

1. Time Management Can Help You Stay on Track

Many would connect time management skills with a busy office position, but much like other careers, car detailers constantly move between new tasks. Detailing is a fun and dynamic business, but tasks still need to be completed on time. 

At ATC Montreal, instructors allow plenty of hands-on training in a real shop environment. They want to prepare you for the energy you can expect when you start working. You’ll have to learn how to prioritize tasks as you get to grips with the ins and outs of detailing a vehicle for auto careers

2. Teamwork Is Important in Your Auto Detailing Training. 

When you think about being an auto detailer, you might imagine one detailer working tirelessly on a vehicle. However, this is not how a real shop functions. In reality, detailing a vehicle will see you working with one or more other professionals. In a shop, one detailer might work on the upholstery while another might clean the front dashboard. In the fast-paced world of auto detailing, workers need to have great teamwork skills to manage their daily tasks. During your time at ATC, you’ll be given assignments that are completed with another person, so you’ll have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with this kind of setup. If you bring a positive attitude to your team arrangements, it’s only a matter of time before you really master your teamwork skills!

Students in ATC Montreal’s auto detailing course develop valuable teamwork skills.

3. Update Your Skills With a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one in which you don’t see failure as a sign of your abilities but as a necessary step to future success. In your career as an auto detailer, you may come up against a challenge that you aren’t quite prepared for. Without a growth mindset, you’ll start to believe you can’t do it or react poorly to constructive criticism. 

ATC Montreal’s auto detailing training encourages continual growth.

Building your own growth mindset will involve inspecting and changing the way that you think.

At ATC Montreal you will be tested on vehicle preparation for delivery, interior and exterior reconditioning on used vehicles, and vehicle paint repair. Your instructors will do everything they can to assure you have the best chance of success. Just remember to meet any failure with the right mindset and you will certainly see results! 

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