3 Things Every Student in Automotive School Should Know About the New Nissan Ariya

If you thought Nissan was content with the Leaf as their main electric vehicle, think again. The Japanese auto giant are among the manufacturers helping drive innovation with electric cars, and the 2021 Ariya marks a whole new era for them. 

After being unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, details on what consumers can expect from the Ariya remain somewhat limited, but there’s plenty to be excited about regardless. It’s a fully-electric compact crossover SUV with style, environmental friendliness, and semi-autonomous driving capabilities to make Elon Musk blush. Oh, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 in a span of under five seconds.

While this exciting new EV isn’t expected to hit the market until 2021, there’s plenty to look forward to based on the details already available. Here are three things about the Nissan Ariya you should know.

The Ariya Has Many Impressive Driving Specifications

One of the main attractions for consumers with regards to the Nissan Ariya is arguably its drivetrain. Its dual front/rear electric motor drive configuration is the foundation of its all-wheel drive capabilities, and the vehicle also saves power through regenerative braking. 

The EV also includes ProPilot 2.0, the second generation of a semi-autonomous driving system developed by Nissan. Not only are drivers able to occasionally sit back and let the car drive automatically, but it also comes equipped with safety features like lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and AEB with the ability to detect oncoming pedestrians. 

Drivers will also appreciate the car’s range of up to 483 km per charge — a marked improvement over the Leaf, which delivers a max range of around 364 km per charge.

The Nissan Ariya is a fully-electric vehicle that also saves power through regenerative braking

Its Outward Appearance is Sleek, Stylish and Future-Forward

The Ariya’s exterior is defined by several features in particular: curved sides, LED headlights, innovatively-designed wheels, a striking car body, and a high stance. In other words, it’s as if Nissan combined a modern-day SUV with cutting-edge, future-forward aesthetic details. 

Students in automotive school can also appreciate how the grille you see on most cars is replaced here with a futuristic front shield with Nissan’s iconic logo lit up across it. What’s more, the door trims feature Kumiko patterns — likely a nod to the manufacturer’s Japanese roots. If the Ariya is anything to go by, Nissan’s mentality with regards to automotive design is looking fully toward the future.

Automotive School Students Will Also Love its Interior

While students doing their auto mechanic training will notice how the Ariya’s interior appearance is largely black and minimalist in nature, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The design for its concept instrument panel looks like something out of the Tron and Blade Runner franchises, and features technology such as a Virtual Personal Assistant. 

The Ariya stands out thanks to its high-tech interior and self-driving capabilities

Furthermore, the Ariya offers a great infotainment system. This is a particularly standout feature, since it offers Door-to-Door Navigation, where drivers set destinations on their phones to then have its directions be transferred to the infotainment system. Better yet, the Ariya can also allow drivers to park it automatically via Remote Park within the ProPilot system, and can even pre-cool or pre-heat the car mid-charge when not driving.

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