3 Strategies to Enhance Your Resume After Getting Your Auto Mechanic Certification

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Writing up a proper resume is one of the most important ways to achieve your dream job within the automotive industry. Having a well-designed resume is a way of positioning yourself in the best possible light to employers or clients that you are offering your professional services to. 

At ATC Cambridge, our automotive training program will provide you with the hands-on training and knowledge to take on a successful career in the automotive industry. The skills you acquire from our training will provide you with attributes that you can showcase with confidence on your resume to attract potential employers.

Read on to learn three strategies to enhance your resume!

1. Know the Best Resume Format After Auto Mechanic Training

A bad resume format can lead your potential employer to toss it out without an ounce of consideration. More specifically, a bad resume format will give the impression that you’re careless and unprofessional. That is why it is important to use the best resume format that portrays your professionalism and organization when it comes to your career. 

The best auto mechanic resume format is made up of only one page, with a font size between 11-14 points. If you want to showcase important information like your auto mechanic training on your resume, then you’ll want to make your resume easy to read by using one-inch margins, white space, and dividing your content into sections consisting of Summary, Experience, Education and Skills.

2. Your Resume Should Have a Professional Summary 

A well-written professional summary will grab the attention of hiring managers and will entice them to continue reading the rest of your resume. Your resume summary should provide the reader with relevant information about yourself that is brief and to the point. A well-written summary will support your case that you are qualified to become an auto mechanic

When typing up your summary, make sure to describe yourself and your work ethics by including terms like “detail-oriented” and “efficient,” while highlighting your professional knowledge and training in the automotive industry. Also, it’s best to add metrics to your summary to support your accomplishments. For example, you can include your success rate in providing preventive maintenance while in training.

auto mechanic certification
It’s important to provide a well-written professional summary to grab a hiring manager’s attention

3. Add Clear Education and Work Experience Sections

For your education section, it’s recommended that you provide the name of the institution and the dates of when you started and completed your training. It’s a good idea to include your area of study and certifications earned, as well as any specific courses that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

become an auto mechanic
Adding your education and auto mechanic training will help set you apart from other candidates

For your work experience section, provide a bullet-point summary of the responsibilities and duties you performed under each job, using action verbs and metrics that highlight your achievements. If you have no experience, add core competencies you’ve learned from your training, such as operating and servicing hydraulic brake systems or operating and servicing suspension systems.

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